Reindeer Gingerbread Cookies (Recipe)

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This reindeer gingerbread cookie revamps the traditional gingerbread man shape using lots of luscious frosting. Adapted with permission from "Dress Your Gingerbread" (Octopus Books) by Joanna Farrow, this recipe makes a great Christmas alternative to gingerbread men.
- 4 gingerbread cookies
- 1 oz chocolate-flavored or brown rolled fondant
- Confectioner's sugar, for dusting
- 3 oz milk chocolate, melted
- Small piece of light brown rolled fondant
- 3 oz of semisweet chocolate
- Small piece of black rolled fondant
- Small piece of red rolled fondant
- Silver dragees
- Tube of red decorator frosting
- Small piece of white rolled fondant
- Confectioners' glaze

- Toothpicks
- Parchment paper, for tracing
- Pencil
- Scissors
- Rolling pin
- Craft knife
- Small spatula
- Paper pastry bag
- Paintbrush

Source: ,Dress Your Gingerbread: Bake Them! Dress Them! Eat Them!: ...

Step 1

Antlers: The antlers are best fixed when the gingerbread cookies come out of the oven and are still soft. For each set of antlers, break a toothpick in half. Gently press 2 into the top of each cookie. Allow to cool before decorating.
Trace and cut out reindeer antlers (see image) on wax paper to serve as templates. Roll out the chocolate-flavored or brown fondant on a surface dusted with confectioners' sugar until about 1/16-inch thick. Cut around the templates, and repeat to give 4 sets of antlers. Dampen the toothpicks with water and press the antlers onto them.

Step 2

Body: Using a spatula, spread the milk chocolate all over each gingerbread body and the center of each head, leaving the arms and legs uncovered. Break off tiny pieces of the light brown fondant, roll into balls and flatten slightly. Secure around the edges of the bodies, as in the picture.

Step 3

Legs: Put the semisweet chocolate in a paper pastry bag and snip off the tip. Pipe thick lines of chocolate down each limb. For each hoof, take a pea-size ball of black fondant and flatten it into a hoof shape. Make a cut into the base and secure at the end of the piped chocolate.

Step 4

Collar: Roll out the red fondant and cut out 4 narrow strips, about 1-3/4 by 1/4-inches. Secure around the necks of the reindeer and fix silver dragees on top using the red decorator frosting.

Step 5

Face: For each snout, take a small piece of light brown fondant and shape into an oval, about 3/4-inch long. Secure to the lower half of the face. Roll small balls of white fondant for eyes. Flatten slightly and secure in place with decorator frosting. Roll thick lengths of black fondant under your fingertips and wrap around the eyes. Add more balls of black fondant for the centers of the eyes. Position balls of red fondant for noses and pipe mouths underneath using the red decorator frosting. If desired, paint the noses with confectioner's glaze to make them shiny.

Step 6

Excerpted with permission from "Dress Your Gingerbread" by Joanna Farrow and published by Octopus Books.

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