Thanksgiving Tree

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This holiday home decor tree can be used in a number of other ways and for quite a few different occasions. Get it out for birthdays, wedding and baby showers, anniversaries — in short, any occasion for which you’d want to give folks the opportunity to write some little comment on a card that honors, celebrates or thanks someone special. Another idea is to use this project as a rustic Christmas tree — string your own garland with cranberries and popcorn for an old-timey touch.
--Excerpted from "Tree Craft: 35 Rustic Wood Projects That Bring the Outdoors In" by Ernest C. Lubkemann, published by Fox Chapel. Images by Scott Kriner.
Tools and Materials:
• Branch to use as little tree
• Small log to use for base
• Handsaw
• Workbench
• Handheld power drill
• Bit to fit diameter of tree stem
• Finish
• Small clothespins
• Cards to write on

Source: , Tree Craft: 35 Rustic Wood Projects That Bring...

Step 1

Find a branch or bush that has a good main stem and then forks out in all kinds of directions. Essentially, you’re looking for the skeleton of a miniature tree. Strip it of its leaves. Then trim away any broken branches or ones that crowd too much. Do any trimming necessary on the stem.

Step 2

From a decent-sized branch or small log, saw yourself a thick slice that can serve as a base for the little tree. Make sure it’s wide enough to keep its balance when the mini tree is inserted. Drill a hole to fit the diameter of the tree’s stem.

Step 3

Insert the tree into the stump. If necessary, use small pieces of wood to shim the tree up straight. If you want, you can spray the whole tree with some kind of finish, or even paint.

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