Two-Dimensional Needle-Felted Postcard

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Learn how to make a two-dimensional needle felted portrait with this basic tutorial for a felted postcard. It works best to apply thin layers of wool building up the surface gradually. Thin layers allow the colors to blend more easily producing a more natural “painting” appearance.
You Will Need:
- multineedle tool with needles
- felting pad
- small pieces of different colored wool, other fibers, and embellishment fibers
- 5" x 7" (12.5 x 17.5 cm) background fabric such as flannel, a flat wet-felted piece, or other soft fabric

Step 1

Place the background fabric on the felting pad.

Step 2

Place thin wisps of wool on the fabric.

Step 3

Grip the multineedle tool lightly in your hand. Avoid a tight grasp as this will tire your hand and forearm muscles quickly.

Step 4

Push the needles in and out over the wisp of wool. Do not push past the working portion of the blade. Make sure to push in and pull out at the same angle.

Step 5

Keep needling over the wisp of wool until it is completely adhered to the fabric.

Step 6

Pull the fabric up off the felting pad occasionally. Any pieces of wool that have been forced down into the pad will be pulled loose.

Step 7

Apply a different-colored piece of wool to the fabric and needle it in with the multineedle tool.

Step 8

Practice applying a variety of colors of fiber to the fabric. Experiment with color mixing and using different types of fiber. Put one color on top of another and then vice versa. See how the colors look different with one color on the top or underneath. Try a variety of colors to develop a palette for future wool paintings. Use the samples to make a 4" x 6" (10 cm x 15 cm) postcard.

Step 9

This needle-felting tutorial is excerpted with permission from "The Complete Photo Guide to Felting" by Ruth Lane and published by Creative Publishing International.

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