1950s Vintage 'Housewife' Dress

Posted by on Dec 19, 2011


Vintage expert, designer and author Bridgett Artise says, "This is not necessarily my favorite piece but it comes from my favorite era, the 1950s. I am also a 1930s fan, but what I like most about 1950 is that it's when women were toning down the party dresses because they were at home tending to their children and this is what they did it in. How can you not love and appreciate the glamour in that? This is the typical everyday housewife dress, imagine that.
The velvet top and the textured bottom which is an equivalent to today's evening gown was something women in the 1950s wore to the supermarket and is one of the many reasons I love vintage, where extravagance was a given."

Credits: Born Again Vintage

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