5 Ways To Have a Clean House While Homeschooling

Posted by on Apr 26, 2016


Homeschooling is quite time-consuming on its own. One would think that since you spend most of your days at home, you won't face as much trouble maintaining your house in perfect order but this couldn't be further from the truth. You have to devote at least four hours to teaching your child as there should be enough time for homework checks, going through new lessons in math, history, geography, literature and even some art classes. We told you it was time-consuming! After you finish your work as a teacher, it's time to assume your other role – that of a housewife. To help you, we've come up with these five tips on maintaining a clean and inviting home while homeschooling. Check them out!
Designate your cleaning hours
Be persistent in your household chores. This is the only way to keep up on your cleaning tasks and maintain a spotless and cosy home. That's why you should designate cleaning hours during which you can cope with all pending chores. Each morning after you've had your cup of coffee, you should devote about an hour to do all pending tasks – toss the laundry in the washing machine, vacuum-clean, dust, wipe the kitchen counter and take the garbage out. If you do this on regular basis, your home would be in a relatively good condition and it will take you less and less time to clean it up.
Keep clutter at bay
Whatever you do, make sure there is as little clutter as possible. Otherwise it might take you hours to collect and dispose of it all, so at the end of the day you'll end up feeling irritable, drained and morose. Before homeschooling starts, ask your student to help you collect and remove all clutter from each room of the house. You might have to devote a whole day to this process but it will be well-worth it, as it will greatly shorten your cleaning time for the days to come. Do this once every three months and your life will be much easier, trust us.
Clean as you go
You're sitting at the kitchen table with your little student. Notebooks, flying sheets of paper and textbooks are spread everywhere. In the process of teaching about Australia's geographical peculiarities, it turns out you've forgotten to bring in your charts so you're forced to get back upstairs to fetch them. Don't ask the child to do it, do it yourself as this will enable you to collect toys and rumpled clothes from the floor and furniture on your way there.
Organise your homeschooling supplies
It would be a good idea to designate a special place where school activities are conducted. If there is no desk in your child's room, then you are probably forced to utilise your kitchen table. But be sure to designate a special shelf in the kid's room where supplies like pens, pencils, water colours, brushes, sketch-pads, charts and notebooks are stored. This will prevent items from getting lost to say the least. As soon as the classes are over, collect all sheets of paper, books and pencils and help your child carry them in their room. It would be difficult to prepare and serve dinner on a table piled up with homeschool items.
Clean in advance
It might be unpleasant to iron fresh laundry or do dishes after a long and exhausting day, we understand that perfectly well. But think of waking up to a sink overflowing with dirty, greasy dishes – the ones you left behind the previous night. That's more nightmarish if you ask us! So make sure you do your best to finish all your cleaning chores before you go to bed. This will help alleviate your guilty conscience and enable you to start afresh the day after.
Follow these five easy steps towards tidy and clean household while homeschooling – we can guarantee their will greatly alleviate the burden of house maintenance and you won't have to go out of your way to catch up on your cleaning chores. Prevention and persistence are the way to go when you're a parent of a home-schooled student.

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