7 Low Maintenance Indoor House Plants

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As a little child I was always attracted to indoor plants, and when I had the opportunity to have my space, I had a wonderful time selecting the best indoor plants to improve my home. I am quite a busy person, so the indoor low maintenance plants were perfect for me. They have an ornamental appeal when placed in strategic areas in a home.
In particular, it is the beauty of these plants that captivates me. But there’s more! Indoor plants are mostly environmentally friendly, so I don’t have to worry about little children or pets in the home. They are easy to manage even for the busiest person and the plants improve air quality indoors. I set them up in different creative ways, for some plants I choose to grow them in a pot, while others look fascinating in hanging baskets.
Here are my suggestions for indoor plants, if you have been thinking about the best low maintenance, ‘cute’ looking plants for your home.
Peace Lily
I can spend lots of time just admiring this plant while sipping a cup of coffee. Yes, it adorns my coffee table. The peace lily can also be placed in the kitchen or the living room. It is easy to manage because the peace lily thrives with minimal exposure to light and all you need to do is keep the soil moist.
The Snake Plant
Don’t be scared, it doesn’t attract those reptiles, but this plant is the perfect ornament for your living room. It requires very little care and thrives at room temperature. They look perfect in a square shaped pots because of their vertical growth.
I recommend this plant to everyone who needs an ornamental indoor plant that thrives on minimal care. When it blooms, the flowers brighten up your space indoors; all you need to do is ensure the soil is dry, water should be poured in the center and the plant will perform excellently. They also require very little light and minimal humidity. There are so many species of Bromeliads so you have exciting options.
Kentia Palm
This plant is perfect for your terrace and room corners. Its deep green colored leaves add an aesthetic appeal to your living space. The Kentia Palm can grow as high as ten feet which makes it perfect for living rooms. Place it close to a window and keep the soil moist by watering weekly.
The Eucharist Lily
This is one of my favorite choices of low maintenance indoor plants for hanging baskets. These lilies thrive at room temperature, and they require moist soil to look great, especially when the lilies bloom. Perfect for narrow walkways because they can be hung on walls.
Jade Plant
They look so unreal; I catch my breath every time I see these plants, so beautiful. The Jade plants are one of my favorite indoor plants; I have had my pot for many years. They survive that long. Jade plants look great in the kitchen, set in small brightly colored flower pots. These plants need some light so place them by the windows. However, the Jade plants need very little water to thrive indoors.
Fig Ficus
I love the way they look like tiny trees sitting in a small flower pot. The Ficus have an elegant look, with leaves that appear to be glowing. Set them in clay pots and you have a beautiful ornamental plant to adorn your living room. The Ficus needs some light but minimal watering. They thrive at room temperature.
I could go on because there are so many beautiful low maintenance indoor houseplants out there. But the plants I have mentioned in this post top my preference list. Don’t settle for synthetic plants; add some real color to your home with these live indoor plants.

Materials: water, pot

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    I don't think that even these low maintenance plants would survive in my house. For some reason, they either end up entirely parched, or overwatered when I try to compensate! I don't think I'm so bad that I would kill a money plant but I wouldn't risk it if you were me! I'll just pass this article on to someone else and let's see if they give me the same feedback about looking after them and perhaps I'll give it a go after..