Cedar Shakes Photo Frame

Posted by on Jan 07, 2013


Hail damage meant my 1920 bungalow needed a new roof. The house had three layers of asphalt shingles over the original cedar shakes. When I saw the shakes pile up, I saved a box full knowing I'd find a use.
I decided to make picture frames from the old cedar shakes.

My shakes are 92-years old, and the undersides of some were scorched when a former owner accidentally started a house fire over 50 year ago. In other words, they're brittle. Since nails could easily split the wood, I opted for strong glue. A good wood glue should work.

First, on the advice of the neighborhood hardware store, I cleaned the old shakes with a mixture of water and TSP and left them in the sun to dry.

Once they were thoroughly dry, I arranged the shakes how I wanted (paying attention to how they align with the sub-frame), glued them into position and weighed them down with a heavy book or two.

Next, I glued the shake frame onto a simple wooden frame that is intended to be decorated, and also weighed it down.

From the side, you could see a bit of the light wood of the sub-frame, so I used ordinary crayons to try to help it blend in with the color of the shakes.

Materials: Old (or new) cedar shakes - about 2" wide; ready-to-decorate wooden frame (mine was for a 4x6" photo); wood glue.

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    Hi Paula, the picture of the shake pile on your blog looked huge! What did your brother and sister think about the frames? Love the rustic feel of these, thanks for the how-to.