Cheezy Quacker Cracker Recipe

Posted by on Jun 22, 2011


These cheese crackers may look innocent, but they’re dangerously addictive. You have been warned.

You can sub the same quantity of whole-wheat pastry flour for all-purpose, as it works wonderfully and doesn’t alter the flavor in any way.

If you want your crackers to be bona fide crispy crackers, roll them out more thinly than described in the recipe.
If you want them to be closer to goldfish crackers, roll them out a bit less. I prefer them that way, personally.

If you make a big batch and find yourself snacking on them too often, let the freezer be your hero: they keep beautifully in there.

I’m not a fan of “too salty” foods, and I find these to have just the right amount of stuff in them. It’s all a matter of personal taste though, so keep that in mind and adjust the pepper, salt, and any other spice you might want to add following your own preferences.

Now let’s get cracking!

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