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Cloth Doll Pattern free - Country Doll - **

Available for download on my Blog:
This my Tutorial is about how to make a rag doll. The rag dolls are great gifts and can be made from scraps leftover from your other your projects.
Pattern is on a full size
Fold fabric right side together and trace doll body outline with air
soluble pen .
Cut fabric considering that the margin is already been included.
– Arm : sew along the outline leaving open only the small section indicated
on pattern.
– Make legs using arms procedure.
Sew arms and legs to the body front side. ( position is shown on pattern) and
fold them within it.
Place body back side on top and sew from point A to point B including arms and
legs. Turn body right side out and stuff.
Straight stitch body bottom closed.
Sew all opened parts in the legs and in the arms.
If head is a little flat, help yourself with a long needle and spread padding
as much as you can.
Later when there will be hair and bonnet, head will acquire the right shape.
I painted my doll face with proper fabric colors. First I drew facial features
with air soluble pen then I painted face .
The Hair
I used “Blonde doll hair”. Stick hair with hot glue.
Sew bodice backs to front on shoulders seams.
Gather the sleeves and sew to the bodice right sides facing.
Press to the wrong side at the lower edge of each sleeve.
Topstitch a edge, leaving a little opening in the stitching.
Sew and overlock the sides, and make an elastic casing.
Use a safety pin to guide the elastic through the casing.
Make sure that the elastic is not twisted. Overlap the ends.
Zig zag stitch over the elastic ( width of the sleeve to the doll wrist) where it overlaps.
Start sewing at the armhole so that edge is perfectly lined up and finish at the bodice bottom.
Hem neck and add lace.
Cut a rectangle of 60 cm for 21 for the skirt and hem the bottom.
To close the bodice back, cut two piece of Velcro and apply it to either side.
Sew centre back of the skirt.
Place pattern pieces on the fabric placed right sides together.
Bonnet back – once
Bonnet front – twice
Join the two peace (Bonnet front) in front right sides together and sew from point A to point B.
Turn side out and press. Blind stitch opening even with seam.
Sew bonnet front on bonnet back. Sew back seam.
Place pattern pieces on the fabric placed right sides together.
Cut twice the panties outline. Sew center front and join sides .
Sew a hem with a passing elastic on waist. Then introduce the elastic.
Hem bottom legs and lace .
With right sides together, sew panties back center.
Rossella Usai
My Blog:

Materials: Light beige fabric needed for the body, Color to paint on the fabric (face only), Hot glue and a pack of “maxi curl ” hair, High quality Cotton pillow filled fiberfill, Patterned fabric for the dress.

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    I don't like having dolls and making one myself, it is quite out of question. I do have western baby clothes though if You would like to make a doll of them. They are of no use to me anyway.

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    It is nice upcycling of old boxers. I don't know what to do with my bahelorette panties though. They aren't old but I can't seem to figure out what to do with them since i don't wear them.

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    so cute [Elastic man](