Cool Organization Ideas for Your Kitchen Utensils

Posted by on Apr 18, 2016


Whether your home is becoming a tight squeeze or you just want to keep your kitchen utensils organized, there are some cool ideas that you can try. If you get crafty or if you let your imagination run wild, who knows what you can come up with? Here are a few suggestions to begin with. Don't miss out.
Shelf and Countertop Storage
Rotating caddies: Use a rotating caddy to store your whisks, spatulas, wooden and metal spoons and other kitchen utensils and cooking tools. Place the caddy near the stove or on a shelf so that it is within easy reach when you cook. Want to know how to make your own rotating caddy? Check this out.
Building blocks: Do your kids love playing with LEGO? Well, you can use some of their building blocks to construct a storage container for your kitchen utensils. Isn't that cool? It has castle-like design but you can surely choose a design to your liking.
Door Storage
Inside: Did you know you can take advantage of the inside of your cabinet doors? Simply attach some hooks on them and hang your kitchen utensils. That way, you can organize your stuff much better. If you want some utensils out of sight, go for this one.
Outside: Imagine hanging some of your cooking tools on the closet door in the kitchen. Not only will you save storage space, but also have all your cooking tools at hand whenever you need them. Plus, if you stick them well to the door, they will not fall off every time you want to get something from the closet. You can hang vegetable peelers, ladles, spatulas, can openers, spoons, whisks... the list goes on.
Wall Storage
Pegboard: Guess what object is this? It's a board, it comes in many sizes and it has small holes. Oh, and it can be used to hold your kitchen utensils. Yup, you guessed it. It's a pegboard. The best part about pegboards is that they have a dozen tiny holes, which means you can hang your kitchen utensils with ease. Don't know where to store your cheese grater? Why not hang it onto the board? What's more, you can paint your pegboard to suit the colors of your kitchen.
Towel bar: a towel bar can be used to hold your kitchen utensils. You just have to install one in the kitchen. This one is great for small spaces where each square meter counts. If you need to be smart about storage, make sure to go with towel bars for your kitchen utensils. They not only make great storage space, but also turn a boring wall into a nice and useful spot.
Cabinet: Instead of letting dust fall over your kitchen utensils, choose to store them in a cabinet. If you want to display them, just use a see-through door cabinet. You can use any cabinet or a DIY one created specially to hold your items.
Now, it goes without saying that you should clean regularly your kitchen utensils storage, no matter what it is. Use white vinegar to disinfect the surface. For containers, make sure to wash them with detergent and let dry completely. Don't place wet utensils inside to avoid mold and mildew. Bear in mind that if you don't use the utensils so often, they may collect dust. Always rinse them before use.
So that's how you can store and organize your kitchen utensils.

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