Creating Your Child’s Dream Bedroom

Posted by on Apr 17, 2018


As the room our children spend the most of their time in sleeping and playing


As the room our children spend the most of their time in sleeping and playing, it is important to make their bedrooms a special retreat for them to enjoy using which reflects their little growing personalities. When researching ideas for children’s bedrooms it is easy to get enchanted by some of the really beautiful, Pinterest worthy bedrooms that have been designed by parents and professionals alike. Based on these whimsical designs, I have put together some of my favourite tips that I have collected to create stylish, practical and cosy bedrooms for your children.


It will never cease to amaze you how many belongings, books and clothes your children will come to accumulate. To make sure their room is easy to keep tidy, you are going to need a lot of storage solutions. Understandably, some children’s bedroom sizes aren’t able to accommodate large chests of drawers or cabinets. Rather than obstructing precious floor space, make good use of the walls by fitting some free-floating shelves. These are also great as they act to showcase any of the memorable or special items your children decide to place on them. Another great space saver is nests of tables. These can be used for bedside tables, and then pulled out into two more extra table spaces for your children to draw or set games up on. The great benefit is that once they have finished using them, they easily slot back into one another to free the ground space up again. If you are looking to really maximise on play space, push the bed up into a wall corner to free up more floor room and also get rid of the fear of a monster lurking under either side of the bed.

Lighting and Bedding

Some of the most beautiful children’s bedrooms I have seen have been really adventurous and playful with their choice of lighting. From fairy lights creating a little princess’s dream bedroom, to fabulous star shaped glass lanterns for both boys and girl’s rooms to enhance a night sky theme. If you want the bedroom to retain a sense of timelessness and be easily changed alongside your growing child’s interests, the best way to do this with lighting is by simply changing the lamp shade’s colours and patterns. For the bedding, this can either be kept clean and fresh with white linen to allow the rest of the room’s features to catch the eye, or you can match up the colours from the rugs and curtains to create a cohesive look. Personally, I love the look of bed curtains being hung up on the bed’s frame to allow children to be closed off from the rest of the outside world and feel safe and snug whilst they sleep.

Be Creative

Creative wooden beds can be found in the shapes of boats, moons and more. They are fabulous statement pieces of furniture which will really indulge your children’s make believe fantasies and create such a magical impression. If you do invest in a brilliant bed design, keep the rest of the room more minimal to avoid it looking garish or too busy and allow the piece of furniture to speak for itself. Lastly, for a Scandinavian design which will remain tasteful and grow up with your child, combine splashes of bright colour with natural elements of wood and metal in your choices of furniture.

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    It is every child's dream to have their own room where they spend most of their days in. The key is to know exactly what their preferences are in terms of colours and themes. They do not need much, as long as the basics are being provided for like a play area and perhaps a study desk.