DIY Knitted Baby Ideas For Christmas

Posted by on Dec 16, 2016


Many people think knitting no longer has a place in these modern times in which everything is made by machines. On the contrary, knitting has become even more interesting because it’s unique and classic.


The origins of knitting date back to 11th century in Egypt and 12th century in Europe. It was the most common method used by nomadic people to make clothes for themselves. Nowadays, making clothes has become a cult for major fashionistas. You can get a custom dress by Azazie if you want to get a stylish wedding or a major couture by Christian Dior if you just want to look extremely glamorous for an event


But I digress; knitting is a hobby. At the same, it is used for DIY purposes such as art decors, fashion design, and gifts for Christmas. Meanwhile, you can pair your gifts with Christmas candies from Sweet Services candy shop to make the atmosphere more like Christmas


To help you figure it out, here are some DIY knitted baby ideas you can try for Christmas:


1. Christmas Tree Baby Hat


Christmas is also a time to wrap yourself with thicker clothes to keep warm. For babies, a cute Christmas tree hat would not only protect them from the cold, but would also make them look more adorable than they already are.


You can follow and apply this gorgeous Christmas tree baby hat pattern by Patti Pearce Stone on Ravelry. You can create a combination of green and red colors to emphasize a Christmas theme. You can also produce this item various sizes.


2. Knitted Baby Booties

Whether or not your baby is already walking, you will have to make sure they wear some booties, which are more appropriate for Christmas not only because of the weather but also because your baby must feel comfortable in them.


If you are sick and tired of looking for specific styles of booties you want for your baby, this “knitted baby booties” pattern by Veronica Shaw is something that is not difficult to apply. The style is pretty much closer to a Christmas stocking.


3. Striped Elf Knitted Hat


When we hear the word “Christmas,” we tend to think of Santa and his elves, reindeer, as well as Frosty the Snowman.


Keep in mind that elves are the ones who make gifts which Santa gives to during Christmas. Therefore, it would also be nice to see your baby wearing a striped elf knitted hat by Ellen Kerkow on Ravelry.


4. Baby Santa Onesie

In a cool Christmas season, your baby should wear thicker onesie to keep them warm. If you think the usual onesie items available in the market do not make your baby comfortable, then create your own DIY knitting pattern.


The baby Santa onesie by drops design is a perfect onesie to create. This will surely be more appropriate for your baby during Christmas season.


5. Baby Santa Mittens


Your baby need some booties, hats, jackets, and blankets, just don’t forget the mittens. For Christmas, you can create your DIY knitted mittens for your baby.


The baby Santa mittens by the Treat Girl is a good design you can use as pattern. You can make some changes from Santa’s face to just a simple pair of mittens using Santa’s theme.




You don’t have to spend much money just to buy something for your baby during Christmas season. You can make your own knitted items. In this way, you won’t have to go through searching and looking for your preferred items.


All you have to do is to use your concept and produce it. As time goes by, more and more people become interested in knitting. This is because knitting is simply cool and exciting. Moreover, you can do it to make some gifts for babies, especially for Christmas. 

Materials: cotton, wool, knitting set

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  • DIY Knitted Baby Ideas For Christmas
  • DIY Knitted Baby Ideas For Christmas

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