French Knit Bracelets

Posted by on Jul 29, 2014


Using a French spool knitter, I have been creating bracelets with beads and wire.
You have to thread the beads on the wire before you start knitting. Be sure to read the directions on your French knitter to know how to do the different stitches and how to properly place beads.

French, or spool, knitters are fun to create jewelry. Here are three bracelets that I did with wire. Before I started, I strung all my beads on the wired, and THEN i started using the spool knitter.

I followed the directions included with my knitter, bringing the bead up to the spoke of the spool that I was working on, sort of like with regular knitting. The results is a cool caged bead effect. You can also thread beads on a separate length of wire and encircle the other beads around it as you work your bracelet.

Materials: 28 or 26 gauge wire, seed beads, French or spool knitter

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