Heaven Adventure Trekking Company

Posted by on Sep 18, 2019


Heaven Adventure is your trusted trekking group in Pune. When you travel with us, you aren't just travelling with a company trying to make money. You are travelling with a non-profit organisation trying to make this world greener. The love for nature being the centre of our DNA, you can be sure that you are dealing with an ethical company. Even though our treks are a part of the not-for-profit company Nelda, our team is a professional managed trekking team.
We will provide reasonable prices, unbeatable service and a feeling of trekking for a cause. Isn't it just better to trek for something good than just pure fun? Of course, we'll have a lot of fun together, but a good deed is also on the table. So take the decision today to trek with Heaven Adventure and trek for a cause!
Trekking in India has seen an increased popularity recently. As more and more people seek adventures to pursue, trekking seems to be one of the best ways to fulfil their dreams. And that's exactly the reason why we've started Heaven Adventure- to provide excellent treks from Pune to various parts of Maharashtra and India. With our treks ranging from Raigad in Maharashtra to Har Ki Dun in Uttarakhand, you'll find lots of inspiration for your Indian trekking adventures. Also, as we have a team having locals from both Maharahstra and Uttarkhand, we can proudly say that we're better suited to provide the best treks around Pune at the lowest cost possible.

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