House Cleaning Schedule

Posted by on Feb 13, 2019


Keeping a clean home is more difficult than you expected? This handy dandy printable cleaning schedule helps you stay on track and keep our home neat and tidy all the time! Here’s how to make your home sparkle with this cleaning schedule printable that covers all daily, weekly and monthly chores!

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  • House Cleaning Schedule

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  • by foxyred8
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    The house cleaning schedule you've shared is fantastic! It's incredible how a well-organized plan can make the daunting task of cleaning much more manageable. With the dazzling cleaning routine outlined in this thread, maintaining a tidy and fresh home will become a breeze. Thanks for sharing this helpful resource with the community!

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    What a detailed list of things to do! I don't think that there are many people who will diligently follow such a schedule of checking their food in storage and turning their fridges inside out! I mean, it's good practice I suppose but ideally you should be using the stuff in your fridge often enough that you're replacing things more often than you are throwing them out because you're not using them. If not, it's something that you should be working to! Haha!