Imagination Movers 'Ace Mulligan' Christmas Ornament

Posted by on Apr 13, 2012


My daughter and I made this ornament based on the Imagination Movers episode "Ace Mulligan" about a pro golfer who loses his lucky hat and with it, his golf game. Ace and the Movers use Warehouse Mouse's cheese balls to practice putting.

We used green craft foam sheets glued to white foam core to make the shamrock. The tam is hand-sewn using tan felt stuffed with cotton balls for the cap, burgundy felt glued to card stock for the brim, and white thread for the ball on top. The cheese ball was made by cutting a round styrofoam ball in half and painting it with orange poster paint. Both were then glued to the shamrock. The golf clubs and bag are a 3-D scrapbook sticker. The final touches were to color the white edges with green sharpie, add the leaf definition with yellow sharpie, then add burgundy leather cord for the hanging loop.

Materials: craft foam, foam core, felt, cotton balls, thread, card stock, styrofoam, poster paint, scrapbook sticker, sharpies, leather cord, foam glue

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