Imagination Movers 'Bobble-head Birthday Invitations'

Posted by on Apr 20, 2012


Imagination Mover Birthday Invite

This is the Imagination Mover invite that I made for my son's second birthday. I couldn't find any invitations that came close to representing the Imagination Movers, so I ended up making my own. He also liked Toy Story so I had to incorporate that in the invite as well.

I had him pose in his mover suit and then again in his Mover Dave hat for the image I used on the invite. I printed out the image of my son's head at a larger size and cut it out. I took jewelry wire, made a spring and taped it to the back side of the head and then to the invite to make the card have a bobble-head effect.

I'm not sure it will be legible so here is the poem on the invite:
We needed an idea emergency on how to celebrate this day,
So Daddy and Mommy had a big idea to do it a special way.
They’re the type who love to figure things out,
They thought about it, talked about it and gave out a shout!
I love the Imagination Movers and Toy Story too,
So a combination party is what they’ve decided to do.
Please just come for some food and fun,
But please, no presents because I have a ton!
I hope you can make it to my birthday number 2,
Because the party won’t be the same without you!

Materials: Stamps, Card Stock, Wire, Tape, Staples

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