Lamp Makeover with Spray Paint and Fabric Strips

Posted by on Jan 04, 2012


I love this lamp base but to be honest, it has seen better days. The paint is chipped from the move and I never liked the shade. So, she is getting a face lift today!

1. Remove lampshade and bulb. Give lamp a good scrub. (Yuck, mine was super dirty!) Rough up the surface with sandpaper if it’s super shiny.

2. After lamp base has dried; apply one to two light coats of your favorite color spray paint. (Note, it is best to put a drop cloth down when spraying to avoid any accidents.) Put off to the side to let dry.

3. While your lamp base is drying, remove all fabric parts from your shade. Give a quick spray of color.

4. Taking strips of fabric about 1″ wide (I just ripped across my fabric) Dab a spot of hot glue at the base and start twisting, angling up as you go.

5. Dab of glue at the top and you are good to go! Continue to add strips all the way around shade. Be sure to stagger your starting point.

6. Put all the pieces back together, plug-in and you are all set!

Materials: old lamp, spray paint fabric

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