Lanyards & Key Fobs

Posted by on Jul 14, 2013


Create personalized lanyards & key fobs in just a few minutes! A great way to use up your favorite ribbons & trims.

10″ (for Wristlet key fob) or 32″ (for Lanyard) of 1″ nylon or cotton webbing
10″ (for Wristlet key fob) or 32″ (for Lanyard) of 1/2-5/8″ wide ribbon
1″ key fob hardware strap end
25mm Split Ring
Pliers (preferably a smooth jaw style)
Fabric Glue (optional)

1. Center ribbon on one side of webbing. Glue (or sew) in place. *If gluing be sure to let ribbon dry before proceeding to next step.

2. Fold webbing in half, wrong sides together and raw edges even. Place both ends inside open end of hardware.

3. Using pliers, pinch ends of clamp together until closed and webbing does not slip out of hardware.

4. Slip slit ring through hardware loop.

Materials: webbing, ribbon, hardware, slit ring, fabric glue

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