Mad Men Clothing Inspiration

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The final season on "Mad Men" is upon us, the UK air date is tomorrow and I’m equally excited and sad. It’s bittersweet to know it won’t be gracing our screens after these final few episodes play out.
To say "Mad Men" has been a great influence on the patterns I pick and fabrics I choose would be an understatement. I have always loved vintage fashions but being a (now retired) burlesque performer meant that I was more inclined to dress 50s/rockabilly than anything else. After awhile it lost its appeal, dressing up in that way for a second job meant that it felt more like putting a uniform on than wearing 50s fashions for fun.
So when I discovered "Mad Men," and devoured the first three seasons in a matter of weeks, I found something I loved much more than the Jessica Rabbit style 50s attire that a lot of burlesque performers wear. The late 50s/early 60s look that I now adore is classy enough for work, sassy enough for a night out.
I’m sure it’ll come as no surprise when I say Joan is my absolute favourite style wise; whenever I look at a pattern I often think WWJD? I like the use of block bold colours that they use in her wardrobe with little feminine touches along the way to soften the structured almost armour like shapes of her clothing.
So where to start when you’re thinking about creating a "Mad Man" inspired outfit? Gathering images is the best way to start. I set up a Pinterest board awhile ago where I collect "Mad Men" stills or inspired images which I like the look of.
I then source vintage patterns from Etsy, Ebay and various other online places checking them against the images to see if they can be adapted and styled into an outfit from the stills, or I find patterns that are of a similar ilk to the show’s costuming and I find material that fits in with the period and put something together that even if it wasn’t actually on the show it certainly could be.
Some of the "Mad Men" inspired garments I have made are listed in my previous posts, but attached are a few snapshots.
So put your feet up, tune into Sky Atlantic and enjoy the feast for your eyes that is the final season of "Mad Men," and remember, even though it may be finishing, your sewing adventures are not! I can’t wait to see what gorgeous garments there are to drool over.

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  • Mad Men Clothing Inspiration
  • Mad Men Clothing Inspiration
  • Mad Men Clothing Inspiration
  • Mad Men Clothing Inspiration

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