Mini Soft Rag Doll Pattern

Posted by on Nov 19, 2023


This simple fabric-stitched toy
has grabbed the hearts of children
and adults.
I’ve made 4 of the tiny dolls in
different skin tones, and am
continuing to create more, with
some variations on the dresses.
Please scroll to the very bottom
of this page for free Mini Soft
Rag Doll Pattern.
Free Rag Doll Pattern
Craft Velour – Doll Face color – 100% polyester;
Polyester fiberfill;
Sewing supplies and thread to match
your doll’s skin;
Water-soluble pencil or disappearing
ink pen, to mark your fabric;
Sewing machine;
Pins or sewing clips;
Embroidery needle for hand sewing;
Doll needle;
Doll eyes
Embroidery thread
Cotton fabric
Powdered blush make-up
Acrylic yarn for hair.
General Instructions
Before beginning the project, read
through all instructions.
RST= right sides together;
RSO=right side out;
WST = wrong sides together.
Use sharp scissors appropriate in
size for the project.
I recommend hand sewing but some
seams can be sewn on the machine
if you prefer.

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  • Mini Soft Rag Doll Pattern

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  • by ripcornea
    User profile

    This project beautifully combines creativity and craftsmanship, providing a heartwarming and personal touch to homemade dolls. The variety in skin tones and dress variations not only enhances inclusivity but also allows for a personalized crafting experience. The inclusion of a free pattern is a generous offering that encourages others to engage in this delightful and rewarding activity.
    from: hill climb racing

  • by halati
    User profile

    Every toy contains a lot of thought and creativity from the person who made them Elastic man, I deeply appreciate this.