Moist Chocolate Cake Recipe

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Cakes are an integral part of our good times. Be it a festival or a celebration with the dear ones. Cakes have already found their special place in our lives. Numerous occasions are graced by the presence of delicious cakes always. Several flavours have been historically added & invented in the list but one most ideal combination has been chocolate cake. The subtle bitterness of cocoa blends marvellously with the sweet batter of cake to give the most amazing taste journey to buds.

Let’s see how one can make the best & easiest moist chocolate cake to treat their near & dear ones:

Procedure Synopsis

Serving Size: 4
Preparation Duration: 10 Minutes
Cooking Duration: 1 Hour

Ingredients for the Tasty Treat

Flour: 1 Cup
Powdered Sugar: 1 Cup
Cocoa Powder: ½ Cup
Baking Powder: 1 teaspoon
Baking Soda: 1 teaspoon
Salt: ½ teaspoon
Oil: ½ Cup
Hot Water: ½ Cup
Cold Milk: ½ Cup
Vanilla Essence: 1 tablespoon

1 Finely Whisked Egg

Chocolate cake is a paradise for cake lovers; we have presented here the recipe which will result in one moist & squidgy chocolate cake along with a kick of coffee flavour. This cake will give you the sight of many adults drooling like kids, as the unbeatable combination of cocoa & coffee will be a sure win. Just in case you are having a lazy day & have no mood to bake your cake, just grab the foodpanda promocode & bag a sweet treat for yourself. The cooking direction here will give a perfectly baked treat for every occasion you wish to celebrate.
Cooking Steps:

• The oven needs to be pre-heated at 180 degrees C. Use a baking mould made of a tin of some fun shape to enhance the presentation of the serving. This tin needs to be greased with vegetable oil. You may use butter as well. This mould needs to be dusted using cocoa powder for deeper flavour.

• Take a separate bowl. Put inside flour, sugar, cocoa powder, baking powder, baking soda, salt & powdered coffee. Mix all these ingredients using sift method & reach to a finely mixed powdered mixture. Keep this mixture aside & move forward to work on rest of the ingredients.

• Take a bowl. Mix ½ cup oil with ½ cup hot water. You are required to whisk the mixture until it appears finely blended. Keep this aside for a while to cool down a bit.

• As the mixture cools down a bit, add vanilla essence along with milk & again mix it well until it has been blended well.

• In the above-mixed ingredients, add the already whisked egg. Egg gives a fine structure to any baked item. Eggs as well give steam to maintain moisture for starch. The egg yolk helps in emulsifying the batter for achieving smooth & creamy texture.

• You need to mix well the wet ingredients along with the dry ones in this step. The mixed batter has to be mixed with the powdered mixture in a gradual manner. Also, avoid whisking or mixing vigorously for ensuring a plum structure of the cake.

• Slowly pour the mixture in the already greased cake mould.

• Place the tin in an oven which has already been pre-heated @ 180 degrees C. The mixture needs to be baked for at least 35 to 40 minutes. To check if the bake has been done perfectly, insert a toothpick in the baked cake & if the same comes out clean your work is done.

You may wish to use some chocolate sauce for garnish or else this can be consumed as it is.

Special tips for a perfect bake

• Use a high-quality unsweetened cocoa. The darker the cocoa texture, greater taste can be achieved.

• To prepare the chocolate sauce, use the best quality chocolate you may find in your surrounding for a finely finished taste.

• Try & use the shiny mould instead of the dark ones for baking. As the dark pans tend to absorb a higher amount of the heat from the oven & result in an excessively baked outer layer of the cakes. Just like the rule of dark colour in sunlight, darker pan absorbs greater heat compared to shiny ones. This may give you a harder texture on the edges.

• Several recipes would advise you to dust the cake mould using flour. We here advise using cocoa powder for an added chocolaty flavour in your cake.

• Be excessively accurate while measuring flour & sugar in particular. We all are aware that measurement matters a lot in cooking, however in case of chocolate cake the flour & sugar measurement accuracy may help you to accomplish perfect cake. A lesser quantity of sugar will work against achieving a dark hue of the cake & excessive flour will result in cracks on top of the cake.

• Sufficiently whisking is very much important in the entire process. The process may take several minutes instead of seconds to achieve a great air volume in your mixture. The appropriately whisked mixture will add a fluffier texture in your cake with desired softness.

• Use sea salt without fail, it is a great flavour enhancer & balances the sweetness in the cake. Though the quantity suggested has been trivial compared to other ingredients, but the effect of the same is way more prominent.

• Once you gain enough confidence after a couple of bakes. Experiment with the dairy components in the chocolate cake recipe. You can use sour cream, buttermilk or yoghurt instead of milk. Also try mayo sometimes for a variety in your baking experiment.

• Maintain the room temperature of the ingredients for a perfectly baked cake, as variation in temperature of the ingredients, may affect the texture of your bake.

Achieving a perfect bake is not an easy task. However, if one sticks to the ground rules & sty accurate with every measurement getting the same done is surely achievable. We hope you would enjoy baking as well as having this delicious cake with your favourite people around. The above given special tips will surely help you to get a richer & tastier cake.

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