Paper Tube Mummy Craft Boxes

Posted by on Sep 16, 2014


These adorable paper tube mummy candy boxes, wrapped in sport tape and filled with the nicest treats, with their wiggly big eyes, just melt my Halloween heart.
Not only are they cute candy boxes- Just fill them up and wrap them in a cellophane bag, but they are a little monster guy to play with when the candy is emptied out. Make these for Trunk or Treat, scouts, play group, class parties. They took just a few minutes to make each one. And I think that big roll of tape would make about a dozen mummies, so this is a pretty cost saving craft too!

First, use two small strips of masking tape at one end of the tube.
This creates your box.
After doing that, I rolled the tube gently on the table to seal it up.
Then take the sports tape (it’s just a bandage kind of wrap) and begin rolling it around the tube to completely cover it. Wrinkles are welcome.

Once the tube is wrapped. Take a section of tape about 12 inches long. Using a strong tearing motion, pull down at the top of the tape and tear it into strips. I was able to get three strips out of one section. If you have ever torn duct tape, this is the same kind of motion.

see full tutorial with photos at

Materials: You’ll need – sports wrap – cost me about $3. Empty toilet paper tubes, or paper towel tubes, cut into thirds, wiggle eyes, a couple glue dots for the eyes and a little bit of masking tape.

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