"Put Down that Book!" & 7 More Tips for Interacting with Craft Fair Customers

Posted by on Apr 25, 2012


Carrie Nardini of I Made It! Market, a nomadic indie craft fair marketplace based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, offers these easy tips for how to act when selling at a craft fair to gain customers, build your brand, and, most importantly, to sell your crafts.

- Always greet and smile when speaking with a potential customer
- Share your passion and knowledge of your product with customers
- Make friends with the artists around you (they may have tips for other shows and can watch your booth while you take a short food or bathroom break)
- Never read a book, play on your phone or look disinterested behind your booth
- Do your best to be approachable
- Share your business cards with shoppers so they can order from you online or get in touch for custom orders (ask them to join your mailing list)
- Make sure to arrive on time and do not pack up early
- Remember why you are there: to share your wares with the public and to have a great time!

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