Rustic Wooden Storage Boxes for Food or Tools

Posted by on Jan 18, 2012


Wooden boxes are so practical for all kinds of things, you could use them to organize your pantry - perfect for keeping onions and potatoes in, sorting your tools or why not plant herbs inside!

If you have some scrap wood around, then constructing one of these wooden boxes would be a breeze (if not, you don't have to buy that much to make one!) We built this one very simply with nails and without even doing any sanding, since we wanted it to be rather rustic. We also attached a lid to it, so we could store tools inside it, but that step could entirely be skipped.

Materials: wood, nails, optionally hinges

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  • by adoseofpaige
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    I need about 10 of these around my house! They are so perfect for storage!