Wagon Wheel Cover Using Reverse Applique Circles

Posted by on Apr 25, 2013


I needed something to cover a HUGE old rusty wagon wheel embedded in the fireplace wall in my daughter's new house.

It isn't completely finished yet because I have to take it back down and put the rings around the planets. When finished it will be the Solar System. I neglected to take into account 2 things: I forgot when placing the planets that they would need to be set backward and I wasn't careful about where I put the opening for the rope to tie it onto the wheel. So, the Solar System is upside down and the tie created bunching at the bottom (as you can see from the photo).

Thanks to http://www.lindsaysews.com/ for the Reverse Applique tutorial. Her tutorial is where I got the idea. I practiced a couple of times on scraps. I liked some of the decorative stitching but it was too time consuming for this project. I will be making a quilt with the Reverse applique because it is soooo very easy.

Materials: I used some material I already had but bought fat quarters that I thought would best suit the planets.

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  • Wagon Wheel Cover Using Reverse Applique Circles
  • Wagon Wheel Cover Using Reverse Applique Circles

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