Wedding Pew Cone with Tutorial

Posted by on Jan 30, 2013


As we prepared for my daughter's wedding, the cost continued to rise. So after seeing that the pew decorations were going to cost $12 to $35 each pew, we decided to take this matter in to our own hands. There were no patterns online to help and there was one on Etsy with a cost of $10, so I thought I would pass on that and just make up my own. After all, how hard could a cone be to make? I grabbed a plate and traced around it on cardboard to make a template/pattern for my cones, and all 24 came together quickly. My tutorial is included if you find you are in need of quick wedding decoration. I also have made one a little larger to use as my door decoration for Valentine's Day, so you can use yours for other things than just weddings. Maybe goody bags for a party or to put on a placemat to hold napkins and cutlery. The options are endless! Good luck and happy sewing!

Materials: 1. Plate or bowl to trace around 2. Cardboard for template/pattern 3. Markers 4. Scissors 5. 3yards of Burlap will make 24 small 10" pew cones 6. 3yards of lining fabric 7. Thread 8. Sewing machine 9. Hand needle 10. Jute rope/string

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  • Wedding Pew Cone with Tutorial
  • Wedding Pew Cone with Tutorial
  • Wedding Pew Cone with Tutorial
  • Wedding Pew Cone with Tutorial

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  • by andreen
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    This DIY subway surfers project not only served the purpose for the wedding but also opened up possibilities for other uses like a door decoration for Valentine's Day or other party decorations.

  • by nikelz
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    Thanks for sharing Jenn. This is great for burlap weddings. Did your daughter get married yet?