10 Crochet Games for Kids

Posted by on Oct 02, 2012

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Crochet games might seem dated compared to the multitude of kids’ toys already available, and even the die-hard crafter must wonder, how can yarn compete with light-up, blow-up plastics? To answer that very apt question, we’ve found a collection of crochet games — from a magnetic fishing game to Pin the Stache on the Selleck — that are cozy, classic or downright cracked.

bocce crochet game
Have a Ball

Don’t let rainy days or winter snowstorms halt your outdoor fun. This indoor bocce ball set uses crocheted yarn that's much nicer to table legs and wood floors. The pattern writer comments that the squishy forms will change shape, making for a more challenging match, but we’ll just consider this crochet game the advanced version of what everyone else is playing.
Grab the free bocce crochet game pattern from Amanda Froemming on Ravelry.
bean bag crochet game
At the Hop

Crochet bean bags make for colorful hopscotch markers and have just the right amount of weight to fly true. The flower markers can also be used in almost any bag-toss game, including a homemade Baggo. You can customize the bags by turning them into amigurumi beer glasses or some other adult alternative.
Tangled Happy shares how to make your own hopscotch crochet bean bags with a free pattern.
pig crochet game
Pass the Piggies

This unique take on the classic German game schweinenwerfen uses crochet pigs as game pieces. Once thrown, how the pig lands — a farmyard version of dice — earns the thrower points. Great for airplane travel because it's small and can smash relatively flat, this crochet game is sure to keep little ones entertained … for a few moments at least.
Little Green shares how to make your own pig-inspired crochet game.
crochet mustache
But I Must Dash!

Reform the classic Pin the Tail on the Donkey by having a blindfolded party guest match a pinned mustache onto a sadly hairless Tom Selleck poster. If you can’t find a bald-lipped Selleck (a sad image, indeed), substitute with a cute puppy or annoyed hipster.
Set up your crochet game with this free pattern from Louie's Loops and featured on CraftFoxes.
crochet penguin bowling game
Bowled Over

A penguin's curvy silhouette makes it a perfect target for a full-speed bowling ball. Make at least six penguins for a complete set, and consider weighting the yarn ball with beans or even wrapping a small wiffle ball or fruit for more speed. For a mischievous touch, stuff one of the penguins with a hard-to-knock-over material like a wooden block or small brick.
Hannah Kiminsky shares how to make your own penguin-inspired crochet game.
die crochet game
To Die For

For the serious gamer, this crochet 20-sided die offers RPG-fans not only a back-up dice but also an extra weapon if the game turns ugly. This crochet game piece employs a scheme of 20 equilateral triangles stitched together and then embroidered with numbers. While easy to make, it is labor-intensive, writes the pattern writer.
Anna Urbanek shares a free PDF of the crochet game pattern.
bunny crochet game
Put a Ring on It

Like horseshoes for Easter, this bunny ring toss game uses a crochet rabbit and yarn-wrapped rings. Customize this game via our Marilyn Monroe knitting pattern and make the rings of the engagement kind.
For the bunny crochet game, get a free pattern at Donna's Crochet Designs
fish crochet game
Go Fish!

A unique take on the classic card game, this crochet play set pattern includes a drawstring pond, a magnet-tipped fishing bowl and brightly colored yarn fish, also stuffed with magnets. Kids can practice counting and identifying colors while pairing the game with Dr. Seuss's "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish" while adults can challenge themseves by playing with their non-dominant hand.
Alli Crafts
shares the free pattern for a fishing crochet game.
tic-tac-toe game
Beyond the Sea

A crochet tic-tac-toe game board offers a tactile alternative to the pen-and-paper version. Even more, this easy-to-make crochet game can serve as stylish home decor when completed with yarn colors complimentary to a room.
Lion Brand shares the free tic-tac-toe crochet game pattern.
checkers crochet game
Bounced Check

For a more advanced version of the above activity, consider making crochet checkers. The board measures almost 2 feet square and is suitable for those new to crochet since it uses mostly single crochet stitches, and changing colors is a mildly intermediate skill. Make your own yarn markers or use oversize wooden buttons to customize the look.
Download the free crochet checkers game from Red Heart Yarn.

Image credits (from top): Louis Mensinger, Amanda Froemming, Tangled Happy, Little Green, Louis Mensinger, Hannah Kiminsky, Anna Urbanek, Donna's Crochet Designs, Flickr.com/goolieman, Alli Crafts and Red Heart Yarns

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