10 Fun DIY Bunk Bed Plans

Posted by on Jun 25, 2016

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When it comes to bunk beds, there are two types of people in the world: bottom bunkers and top dwellers. Perhaps you were the one who always called bottom bunk, tucking an unattached sheet up into your home decor to create a cozy, cave-like slumber. Or, maybe you were the daredevil who wanted to sleep as tall as their dreams and unafraid of rolling out? Whatever your snooze style, we've gathered a handful DIY bunk bed plans that are sophisticated (surprisingly), celebrate geeks everywhere, and even add ease and style to bunk bed life.

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diy bunk bed tutorial

Bunk beds are rarely known for their classy style, and yet this DIY version utilizes a sophisticated palette of dark wood stain and a sleek design to offer a decidedly adult take on the childhood favorite. Moreover, the bunk bed is freestanding and can be placed against any wall, saving valuable floor space. 
For the free plans on this wooden bunk bed, go to DIY Network.
VW micro-bus bunk bed
Bed Bug

In a complete reversal, this irreverently themed bunk bed uses the ultimate hippie accessory (aka, the VW micro-bus) as inspiration for its design. To make this yourself, crafters can expect to spend $500, mostly on lumber and bumper stickers.
For the DIY VW micro-bus bunk bed plans, head over to Instructables!
diy bunk bed building tutorial
White as a Sheet

This monochromatic bunk bed offers a modern take on the often rustic designs of most sleep-stackers. For roughly $180 (a major steal in the land of store-bought bunk beds), you can make this DIY berth with a built-in ladder and streamlined look. 
Get the plans (as well as the trial-and-error story of one couple's bunk bed building) at The Stucco Bungalow.
diy bunk bed building tutorial
Easy Does It

Want to build a bunk bed but squeamish about the actual building part? Fear not. This video shows how to build your own simple, no frills bunk bed step by step. First, send the kids away for the weekend!
Grab the full bunk bed building video free from AOL.
star wars themed bunk bed tutorial
Geek Sleep

Who doesn't love staring at the underbelly of a Star Wars' Imperial space craft? Let's hope that the kid whose father built him this plywood-and-paint themed bunk bed loves that galaxy far, far away as much as Dad does.
Check out the video for this Star Wars-themed loft bed from Instructables
bunk bed makeover
Paint and Polish

For those lacking the woodworking skills so essential to safe bunk bed building, might we recommend this inspiring makeover? Using vinyl wall decals, a canopy-styled tent and matching bed decor, all in a raspberry and brown palette, this trendy bunk bed makes much of those cheap metal contraptions found at most discount home stores.
For more on this makeover, head to 4 Men 1 Lady.
A Stand Apart

Those high-flyers on the top bunk often lack a place to store their glasses, beddy-bye book and other sleep-time accouterments. Great for those unwilling or unable to put holes in the wall for a shelf, this bunk-bed nightstand drills into the frame instead.
For the free bunk bed nightstand building plans, go to A Thousand Words.
bunk bed shelf plan
Shelf Life

But, of course, if you do have a wall (and no boons about drilling into it), then attaching a bookshelf along your bunk bed may be just what you're looking for. Remember to use a shelf that doesn't protrude too much from the wall; otherwise, one risks a banged head upon sudden wake-up times.
Generally Creative offers a free building plan for creating DIY bunk bed book shelves.
bunk bed for dogs

Upcycled from a rather dismal coffee table, this bunk bed for dogs offers a unique space saver as well as your daily dose of "too cute." After a quick paint, the table is flipped over and a simple pillow thrown on the bottom bunk. The top bunk receives a few slats of support and a twin pillow. Privacy curtain optional.
For more on this unique bunk bed, check out Design*Sponge.
All Dolled Up

If you've got a child, then you know how high priority a doll's sleep schedule and night-time comfort is. For the little girl (or boy) drowning in a sea of too many dolls during their own rest, consider making a stylish doll bunk bed, made from, surprisingly, another ugly coffee table.
For the full doll bunk bed tutorial, head to Green Queen Boutique.


Image credits from topDIY Network, DIY Network, Uptonb via Instructables, The Stucco Bungalow, DIY Life, Instructables, 4 Men 1 Lady, A Thousand Words, Generally Creative, Design*Sponge, and Green Queen Boutique.

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