10 Great Fast Food and Wine Pairings

Posted by on May 30, 2017

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Wine pairing advice often focuses on “fancy” foods. You’ll find no shortage of wine recommendations to accompany a dish like poached salmon in a cream sauce (a nice Chardonnay, by the way, would be incredible). 

But a food and wine pairing can still be great if the dining is casual. There’s something special about indulging in a fast food burger or burrito. You don’t have to order ahead, you can pick up the food on the way home, and you can still savor it with a gulp of your favorite wine.

Whether you prefer crispy fried chicken, a burger topped with a sesame seed bun, or a slice of cheesy pizza, there are plenty of delicious wine pairings for fast food. Pick up your favorite guilty pleasure dinner, grab one of these fantastic wines, and enjoy your evening.

Guest post written by Kristin Anderson of TheWineBuyingGuide.com.

wine and fried chicken
KFC + Champagne 
This is the first rule of pairing wine and fast food: Sparkling wine is excellent with fried food. The light bubbles balance out the heavy oils and salt. Choose a brut or extra brut style if you don’t want your wine to be sweet. 

Chipotle + Sauvignon Blanc
Chipotle chicken burritos topped with fresh salsa and cilantro will go well with light, herbaceous Sauvignon Blanc. Enjoying beef or pork instead? Try Tempranillo or Garnacha. 

Burger King + Malbec
Beef pairs well with full-bodied red wines, and the smokiness of flame-broiled burgers is a great fit for the slightly spicy Malbec.
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pairing burgers and wine
McDonald’s + Sparkling Wine
The first rule of wine pairing also applies to French fries. This salty, starchy treat is a perfect match for sparkling wine, including Cava and Prosecco. As a bonus, those wines are also great with a burger (think about how they resemble beer). 

Marco’s Pizza + Sangiovese 
Pizza is unexpectedly difficult to pair with wine because it’s both rich and acidic (thanks, tomato sauce). This classic Italian wine (also known as Chianti) is bold and acidic and will stand up to the flavors in your favorite pie. 

Subway + White Wine Blend 
If a Subway sandwich is your guilty pleasure, you may need to dream a little bigger! However, a sub, hoagie or grinder does make a great easy dinner, and it’s easy to pair with wine. Most crisp white wines, or white wine blends, will do nicely.
drinking wine and taco bell
Taco Bell + Rosé
The second rule of pairing wine and fast food is that rosé goes with almost everything. Fast food Mexican is spicy, greasy (sorry), and cheesy. What solves all those pairing problems? Rosé. 

Arby’s + Grenache
Beef typically pairs well with rich, full-bodied red wines. However, you may have noticed that Arby’s sandwiches (while tasty) aren’t exactly as rich and juicy as a steak or burger. In this case, go for a medium-bodied, fruitier red wine like Grenache. A full-bodied white wine like Chardonnay would also be a good choice. 

Chick-fil-A + Pinot Gris 
You can definitely follow the first two rules of wine and fast food pairing here. But, if you’d like something a little different, Pinot Gris is a light and refreshing option. This white wine pairing will balance the crispy fried chicken in this classic sandwich.
drinking wine with donuts
Dunkin’ Donuts + Sparkling Moscato
Surprised to see donuts on this list? We all know that donuts are secretly an anytime food. So “any” time you’re eating them (i.e. not at 7 a.m.), consider pairing with a sparkling Moscato. A sweet wine often complements sweet food, so this light-and-refreshing white wine is an excellent pairing.
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