10 Turkey Crafts for Thanksgiving

Posted by on Oct 16, 2011

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Turkey cookies made from Nutter Butters and candy


As Thanksgiving approaches, what’s the best kind of crafting project to decorate your house with? Something that involves good, old Tom the Turkey, of course! Turkey is not just for stuffing and slicing up, you can also make some fun and decorative turkeys to adorn your holiday table. While he may be delicious, Tom the Turkey is also the staple of any Thanksgiving decorations. Make your house ready for Turkey Day, or simply celebrate this cozy holiday, with these top ten crafts for Thanksgiving.
Get the Nutter Butter Turkey Cookies recipe (pictured above) from Craft Buds.

A turkey made from paper bags on a plate.
For a simple and fun craft that will mimic the feast you're about to serve, try out this paper bag turkey craft. Simply use a large grocery store paper bag for the turkey's body, two smaller lunch bags for the turkey's legs, and white paper for the ends of the turkey legs. There's also a surprise inside this craft -- popcorn! 
For a tutorial on the Paper Bag Turkey, visit One Charming Party
Thanksgiving turkey with feathers made from kids
Of course, nothing beats the handprint turkey. If you’re expecting a lot of kids at your Thanksgiving Day celebrations, this is a great way to get them all involved in a crafting project. Everyone can contribute their handprint to the finished product so that no one is left out. Simply trace everyone’s handprints and have them cut the prints out. Then place them behind your turkey’s body to create his festive feathers!
For a how-to for the handprint turkey, visit All Kids Network.
Thanksgiving turkey with a body made from a pinecone and feathers made from paper.
For another nature-themed Thanksgiving craft, why not try out this pinecone turkey? The materials for these kid-friendly, natural centerpieces or creative place cards can be found in your own backyard or neighborhood. Simply choose a pinecone that seems to be a suitable shape and add feathers and a beak cut from cardstock. 
For a tutorial on the pinecone turkey craft, visit WQNL Kids. and Au Pair Jobs.
Thanksgiving turkey made from paper, writing on each of its feathers.
Introduce the ‘being thankful’ aspect of Thanksgiving to your kids with this Thankful Turkey. All you need is colored construction paper to cut out the turkey’s body and as many feathers as you’d like. Then, on each feather, have the kids at your Thanksgiving celebration write the people and things they are thankful for that year. 
For templates, visit Enchanted Learning.
Thanksgiving turkey with a body made from a toilet paper roll and feathers made from paper.
Here’s a fun craft that also helps you recycle those toilet paper rolls instead of simply tossing them in the trash. Simply use the toilet paper roll as the turkey’s body and cut out feathers, arms, and feet from paper. Then glue those on to the toilet paper roll and you’ve got your turkey!
Visit Kolcraft for the toile paper turkey crafts how-to.
Crocheted Thanksgiving turkey in brown and yellow.
These cute crocheted turkeys can be hung up as decorations or used as coasters for your Thanksgiving guests. They’re adorable, have lots of fall colors in them, and might even be a fun party favor if you’re having a lot of people over for Thanksgiving. 
For the crocheted turkey pattern, visit Craft Passion.
Thanksgiving turkey made from felt scraps
Want to display your love of Thanksgiving wherever you go this season? Check out these felt turkey pins you can clip to your clothes! All you need is some felt or paper - even scraps leftover from other craft projects - for the turkey, some googly eyes, and a safety pin. 
For a turkey pin how-to, visit Kaboose or head over to Kitten's Lost Her Mittens to see this cute felt version.
A knitted Thanksgiving turkey in brown, yellow, and red.
If you’re into knitting, why not try this turkey knitting project for Thanksgiving? This turkey can be placed on the mantel for the holiday season, used as a centerpiece during the big feast, or just kept around the house for decoration. We think he’s adorable and would be a great addition to your Thanksgiving decorations. 
For the Tiny Turkey pattern, visit Spud & Chloe.
Card stock with a turkey on it and a name written beside the turkey.
Another fun decoration for your Thanksgiving table is these turkey place cards. All you need to create these colorful cards is some cardstock, a photo of a fun-looking turkey, and some coloring supplies. Color in the turkey and write your guest’s name on the card, and you’re ready to go!
For full directions on some turkey place cards, visit Spoonful.
Thanksgiving turkey made from an apple and marshmallows on toothpicks.
For an edible Thanksgiving Day craft, try these ‘Gobbling Turkey Apples.’ Simply take an apple and, using toothpicks, create feathers by building up strands of marshmallows, popcorn, grapes, and anything else you’d like to have as a post-feast snack. 
For a tutorial, visit Make and Takes.

Photo Credits: Craft Buds, One Charming Party, All Kids Network, WQNL Kids, Flickr/7263772@N06, Kolcraft, Craft Passion, Kitten's Lost Her Mittens, Spud and Chloe, Spoonful, Make and Takes.

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