10 Unique Gifts You Can Knit in an Afternoon

Posted by on Aug 11, 2016

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Every year for the past five, one of my best friends has asked me to knit her something for Christmas. While it definitely makes my life much easier not to have to rummage around the department stores, I always suggest that she learn to knit herself so she can make whatever she wants. And every year she scoffs at my idea, fearing that she’ll have to relinquish her social life and spend months in exile trying to finish an afghan for her grandmother.

While some knitting projects can be time consuming, there are plenty you can finish in the time it takes to watch a "Real Housewives" marathon. With a few hours and some extra yarn to spare, you can create wonderful accessories for someone's wardrobe or home.

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knitted blooming rose
Blooming Rose Necklace
Difficulty Level: Easy

A rose is a rose is a rose, but a rose that doubles as a headband or a necklace is nothing short of amazing. We love any accessory that has multiple uses! The rose, base and petals are made separately and the finishing could be a little tricky for a beginner (the pattern includes a diagram to follow), but this adorable project is more than worth the effort. Knit this piece with a wool variety and size 8 double point needles. The finished product will be a 4-inch rose with 12-inch ties.
Get the free blooming rose knit pattern from Vo Knits!
knitted swiffer cover
Swiffer Cozy
Difficulty Level: Easy

Save money and the environment with this easy-to-knit reusable wet or dry Swiffer cozy. Knit the cozy on size 7 circular needles and sew on 4 buttons to attach your cover. A superwash wool is recommended over cotton for durability. Pick a vibrant color and help make someone’s housework a little more bearable.
Get the free Swiffer cozy knit pattern from Green Mountain Mama!
knitted statement necklace
Knitted Statement Necklace
Difficulty Level: Intermediate

A statement necklace is one of the must-have accessories right now. It’s a simple way to invigorate a drab wardrobe. This knit version is constructed from 6 knit rosettes and 5 I-cord strands that attach to a silk ribbon. The pattern is knit with silk yarn and includes great suggestions on ways to experiment, such as yarn type, size of rosettes and a tip to attach the finished piece to a top. You’ll need a pair of size 4 straight or circular needles and a pair of size 4 double pointed needles.
Get the free statement necklace knit pattern from Ravelry!
knitted tea wallet
Tea Wallet 
Difficulty Level: Easy

This is a great starter project for someone learning to knit or a thoughtful way for experienced knitters to get rid of those pesky yarn scraps. The stockinette tea wallet can be used to tote tea bags or packets of your favorite sweetener in your purse. The pattern is very easy to follow and calls for a half ball of cotton yarn, size 6 needles and a button or snap for closure.
Get the free tea wallet knit pattern from Peg of Tilling Does Some Knitting!
knitted berry baby hat
Berry Baby Hat
Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Kind of cheating with this one. A hat for a baby is smaller and naturally knits up quicker than an adult hat, but who could resist this adorable beanie that looks just like the top of a berry? Use a warm merino or lambswool and size 7 or 8 circular and double point needles. There are instructions included in the pattern for infant or toddler sizes. One thing to note: when knitting the leaves, remember to decrease on every round to create the 3-D effect.
Get the free berry baby hat knit pattern from Random Stitches!
knitted eye pillow
Very Easy Pillow
Difficulty Level: Easy

A knit eye pillow is the ultimate gift for someone who is looking to block out sunlight and stress. And the recipient won’t be the only one reducing stress, since the pattern allows for you to choose your own yarn and needle size. We recommend choosing a soft cotton or cotton/linen blend for comfort. You will also have to sew a cotton insert for the rice or lavender filling. The finished product will be 4 inches wide and 10.5 inches long.
Get the free eye pillow knit pattern from Ravelry!
knitted soap holder
Pluie Soap Holder
Difficulty Level: Easy

This cover for bar soap is a pretty and practical accessory for any bathroom. Not only is it soft on the skin, it helps extend the life of your bar, making even the tiniest scrap usable. A beginning knitter should be able to tackle this easy project in just a few hours. It calls for size 6 straight knitting needles and size 6 double pointed needles. Use a yarn with a soft texture like a rayon/linen blend.
Get the free pluie knit pattern from Berroco!
knitted eyeglass case
Eyeglasses Case
Difficulty Level: Easy

If someone on your gift list has trouble keeping up with their favorite pair of shades, help them stash their eyewear in this colorful knit case. The pattern has no complicated stitches or pieces to assemble, so it makes a great project for a beginner. Choose a multicolored worsted weight yarn. The pattern notes caution to make sure the bound-off edge has the same elasticity as the rest of the piece and suggests increasing the size of your needle to make sure your stitches are loose enough on the edge.
Get the free eyeglass case knit pattern from TLC!
knitted ipod armband
Runner's Companion
Difficulty Level: Easy

Jam in style at the gym with this knit wristband iPod holder. What’s different with this holder is the open square to see the display and easily tune to your favorite song. A cotton/elastic blend yarn is ideal for this project and you will want to measure 2 inches above the smallest part of your wrist to determine the appropriate measurements. The pattern is designed for the iPod Nano and will give you a holder that is 6 inches around the wrist and 5.25 inches long, but can be adjusted to the size of the MP3 player of your choice.
Get the free runner’s companion knit pattern from Ravelry!
knitted padded hanger
Padded Hanger/Sachet
Difficulty Level: Easy

Freshen up someone's closet with this sweet padded hanger and sachet combo. Get started with size 5 straight needles and a straight wooden hanger with a metal hook. Use a medium weight yarn and play around with a complementary color for the sachet. Knit the 7x7cm sachet first to use as a gauge and fill it with potpourri, cedar shavings or your favorite herbal scent.
Get the free padded hanger/sachet knit pattern from TLC!

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