11 Gourmet Popsicle Recipes

Posted by on Jun 25, 2013

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Popsicle recipes can be as healthy and compelling as any gourmet meal when trendy produce like blueberries and kale are used. A small splash of liqueur, as added with the cantaloupe and Campari popsicle recipe, can also add some much-needed sophistication. So swap out those popsicle recipes made with goopy high-fructose corn syrup and food dyes for mixtures that rely on fresh fruit sweetened by the sun and striking contrasts like strawberry basil or watermelon and parsley. Read on for unique ideas to make gourmet popsicle recipes that will keep you both kinds of cool.

popsicle recipe
The Citrus Mistress

While blood oranges and other citrus fruits are mostly in season during the late winter months, this gourmet popsicle recipe can be made in the summer. Segments of the dark red citrus are used in the popsicle while a simple syrup sweetens the frozen treat. Add sparkling water for a little fizz.
Make your own blood orange ice pops via CraftFoxes.
popsicle recipe
Fudge Factor

Using only two ingredients, dark chocolate chips and whipped coconut milk, these vegan fudge pops are low in sugar but high in flavor. Customize this popsicle recipe by adding swirls of peanut butter or even chopped and sugared peppermint leaves.
Simone Anne offers this free popsicle recipe.
popsicle recipe
Forbidden Fruit

Rather like a popsicle terrine, this dessert sees fruit peek out from behind frozen juice for a colorful summertime treat. To make this recipe more playful, consider freezing a trinket inside, like in a Christmas pudding. Or keep it sophisticated with edible flowers or herbs.
Curry and Comfort offers directions for making this popsicle recipe.
popsicle recipe
Thank You Berry Much

Strawberry and basil popsicles are the ideal after-dinner treat, particularly if that dinner was actually a party and you, the hostess, are feeling too rushed off your feet to make a gourmet dessert. The novelty of a popsicle is still very fresh, particularly if made with summertime ingredients. Add a splash of balsamic vinegar for a more savory flavor.
CraftFoxes shares this free gourmet popsicle recipe.
popsicle recipe
Raise the Bar

For another vegan popsicle recipe, try this creation that tastes like a Mounds Bar. Coconut milk and chocolate shell combine for a simple summer treat. Just remember that due to coconut milk’s high fat content, this popsicle will melt much faster than popsicles made with juices or fruit.
Six Feet Under teaches how to make this free popsicle recipe.
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The In-Campari-able Cantaloupe

An aperitif is thought to stimulate the appetite, so serving this cantaloupe and Campari (a unique Italian liqueur) popsicle before dinner isn’t altogether uncalled for. Ripe cantaloupe is pureed and then sweetened with a simple syrup and Campari before freezing.
Make your own popsicles with this CraftFoxes’ recipe.
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Freezer Pleaser

These Mexican popsicles use watermelon and cucumber for a grown-up taste that even kids will like. Using a lot of flavors reminiscent of a summertime cocktail without the alcohol, this treat blends watermelon, lime and cucumber together and sweetens the pops with sugar. Feel free to sub honey for a healthier alternative, or even a splash of tequila.
Sassy Mama in LA shares this free popsicle recipe.
popsicle recipe
Take the Cake

Cheesecake, one of the more elegant desserts, gets a quirky makeover when transformed into a chocolate-coated popsicle. In this popsicle recipe, Greek yogurt substitutes for some of the heavy cream cheese for a lower-fat alternative while honey completely replaces the sugar.
Learn how to make this gourmet popsicle recipe via Food Doodles.
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Top of the Pops

Flat leaf parsley pairs with watermelon for a unique gourmet popsicle recipe. The green leaves contrast the mellow red of the watermelon, and the two flavors combine for an unexpected sophistication. Customize the recipe using feta cheese and mint, leaving out the simple syrup for a unique afternoon snack.
CraftFoxes shares this free popsicle recipe.
popsicle recipe
She’s a Peach

Peaches are decadent. Their ripe flesh and heady juice sparkle with just the right combination of tart and sweet. Celebrate their sophistication at your next outdoor barbecue or picnic with this ice pop recipe. Pineapple and mango add a citrus zest while Greek yogurt complements the brightness with a low-sugar creaminess.
Make your own popsicles with this free recipe from CraftFoxes.
popsicle recipe
Hale the Kale

Blueberry and kale — two of the most popular superfoods — combine for a healthy popsicle recipe that’s both sweet and refreshing. Organic grape juice adds just enough syrup to bind the foods while also lending the treat a deep, dark coloring. Consider using a popsicle mold for other green smoothie recipes.
Head to Oh My Veggies for this free popsicle recipe.

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