11 Great Kids' Crafts You Can Make with Paper Plates

Posted by on Apr 19, 2014

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You probably know paper plates are practical (though, somewhat wasteful), but did you know they're crafty too? We've gathered a collection of our favorite paper plate crafts for kids, all which elevate the low-cost dinnerware into a toy kids and even tweens can play with over and over again. Inspire your tiny crafter's inner Superman, scientist or tea party princess with these easy but versatile paper plate crafts for kids.

paper plate flower wreath
Paper Flowers

Fluffy cupcake liners and paper plate roses charmingly declare, “The party is here!” Steal this paper plate flower tutorial to make garlands, favor jewelry or even birthday present toppers from Creative Jewish Mom.

paper plate party hat
Tea Party Hat  

A paper plate becomes a charming tea party hat, thanks to a bounty of ribbon and creativity. Invite over a small collection of your child's friends for a tea party, and start the festivities by having each one decorate their paper plate hat using scrap ribbon, fabric and staples. 

superhero masks from paper plates
Pow! Blam! Flurp! 

This craft relies on your child's imagination more than fancy supplies. Have him or her create an original superhero or even a classic, and then write a short story or script featuring their new costumed crusader mask. Brassy Apple has more on making superhero masks from paper plates.

paper plate baskets
Berry Baskets

Washi tape adds charm to this simple paper plate craft for kids. Spend an afternoon berry picking, and then, after making these quick and easy gift baskets, spend the next day leaving paper plate berry baskets on the doorsteps of neighbors and family. Sarah Hearts has more on this unique paper plate basket.

shark mouth paper plate
Shark Mask

Inspired by the Discovery Channel's Shark Week, this paper plate craft for kids also serves as a unique party favor for a birthday. Consider rigging up a bean-bag toss game with the paper plate mouths as targets. You might use Swedish Fish in lieu of bean bags to make things easier on your home décor. Head to Dollar Store Crafts for the complete shark mouth paper plate tutorial.


paper plate garland
Plate-Turning Spin Art

A salad spinner serves double duty as a craft tool for decorating paper plates. Use scrap paint or even homemade fruit and vegetable dyes to decorate your plates, and then turn the spun art into a charming garland for playing outdoors this summer. (If you ever want to use your salad spinner again, you probably want to stick with vegetable dyes.) Head to our post about Fourth of July crafts for more on this paper plate craft for kids.

Creativity kits for kids!


paper plate puppet craft for kids
Bear with Me 

Paper plates and construction paper offer an easy puppet craft for kids. The panda puppets might spark an exploration of the beloved animal, a play or even a whole menagerie of paper plate animal puppets. Let's Explore has more on this charming paper plate puppet craft for kids.

paper plate cookies display
Paper plate goodies stand

Trust your kid with a hot glue gun? The young ones can get in on this crafty tiered display made out of paper plates left over from a party by cutting out little banners and stringing them along the display. Keep in mind this goodies stand is made of paper. Maybe don't trust a cake to it, but go nuts topping it off with mini-muffins and cookies. Head over to The Crafty Swedes for the free tutorial.

paper plate speaker
Instructables.com / WCameron
Build a Working Speaker

Great for middle schoolers, this craft uses paper plates to make a working audio speaker. The craft covers the basics of physics and draws almost exclusively from supplies commonly found in the home like a battery, shoe box and tape. Get the free paper plate speaker how-to from Instructables

stamped paper plate
There's a Hair on My Plate 

This simple paper plate craft for kids uses edible cake icing to stamp unique images onto paper plates. Kids can design their own stamp (maybe their name or an imaginary animal) and, using potatoes, stamp dessert paper plates for a surprise party prank. For more on this unique paper plate craft for kids, go to Remarkable Home.


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