12 Crochet Necklace Patterns

Posted by on Feb 06, 2014

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Crochet necklaces have long-evolved from the dowdy, clunky pieces you might expect. Imagine delicate lace trim in creamy yarns and trendy combinations of jewelry chain and chained thread. Even better, these necklaces are small and rarely use any complicated crochet stitches, making them ideal for beginners. There are plenty of patterns for these unique craft jewelry projects online, but we’ve picked out 12 patterns that we think you might like to try out. Here are some simple, modern, fashionable crochet necklace patterns.

Two crocheted necklaces, one green and one purple, each with a chain intertwined with thread
Ball & Chain 

Combining two different kinds of chains — a yarn chain and a jewelry chain — this crochet necklace is both simple and modern. Extremely appropriate for a beginner, this craft uses a 10 mm length of chain and is topped with bright single crochet stitches of yarn. All you’ll need for this craft is some yarn, a chain, a crochet hook and a few other simple supplies. The end product is a sophisticated statement necklace that you can add to a fancy or casual outfit.
For more information on this crochet necklace, visit Thanks I Made It!
A necklace made of crocheted black lace
Crochet Lace

The most recognizable and traditional form of crochet might be lace, and that form is used here in this necklace. This delicate, freestanding bit of lace embroidery hangs on a thin thread. The crochet pattern for this necklace is pretty straightforward, and would be easy for beginner crochet crafters. The necklace would look great with a cocktail dress, as well as with a T-shirt and jeans. 
For more information on this crochet necklace, visit Craftsy.
A black necklace made of threaded, braided yarn
Braid a Yarn 

A braid and a basic crochet chain complete this crochet necklace, comprised of rope instead of yarn. You can use rope that exactly matches your jewelry chain, or go for a little contrast like copper wire and aqua yarn or silver and neon yellow. For this project, you’ll need 2.4 m of thick rope, 3 m of thin rope and 50 cm of chain. The final product is a stunning and unique necklace that can jazz up a T-shirt or even be paired with a low-cut sundress.
For more information on this crochet necklace, visit Kaam Handmade
A necklace made of colorful, crocheted hearts
Take to Heart 

Excerpted from Pip Lincolne’s book “Make Hey! While the Sun Shines,” this crochet necklace uses colorful hearts of bright yarn for a stacked look. Jump rings attach the crochet pendant to a metal jewelry chain. Because of the hearts involved in his necklace pattern, you might want to use all pink, or all red yarn for the little hearts and wear it as a Valentine’s Day accessory. Or you can take a more colorful approach, and make each little heart a different color for a rainbow look! Either way, the stacked look adds an extra dimension to this piece of jewelry.
For more information on this crochet necklace, check out this CraftFoxes post.
Crocheted flower necklace
Bride Pride 

A lace-inspired flower gets a nostalgic touch when antique pearls, beads or buttons are added to each stitch for a unique “something borrowed” bridal crochet necklace. A delicate gold chain holds irregular loops, which balance the asymmetrical flower pendant. For this project you’ll need size 10 crochet thread in any color you’d like to use, a size 7 crochet hook, 10 small beads or pearls, a beading needle, a chain that’s at least 16 inches long, and a few more crafting supplies. The finished product is elegant and perfect for your wedding day, or any other day!
For more information on this crochet necklace, visit Craft Stylish.


A young woman wearing a necklace made of black crocheted beads
Bead a Double Life 

Beads are a familiar embellishment for a necklace, but these crocheted beads add something new to that classic formula. In this necklace, crochet yarn encases wooden beads for a great look. Customize the look by using unique shapes or detailing for a pendent. For example, use embroidery thread to make an amigurumi face or an embroidered letter. This crochet necklace pattern is a great spin on those large beaded necklaces that are all the rage these days.
For more information on this crochet necklace, visit Craft Passion.
Cream Crochet Flower Necklace
Flower Power 

A single-crochet stitch makes up most of this four-strand necklace, so it’s an easy and quick project for beginners new to the crocheting game. A crochet flower topped by a coordinating button completes the necklace for an elegant look. You’ll only need less than one skein of any color yarn (worsted weight) and a 4.0 mm hook for this project. Consider alternating the colors with two strands in one color and the remaining two in another, or embroider the flower’s edges with metallic thread. 
For more information on this crochet necklace, visit this CraftFoxes post.
A necklace made of several crochet flowers on a string
Teething Mad 

This teething necklace for a baby uses delicate flowers in lieu of the traditional plastic bead teething rings. When making this crochet necklace, be sure to wash yarns before gifting, and choose organic or natural yarns since the baby will be sucking on any chemicals still present in the fibers. This is an adorable alternative to the traditional teething rings you might find at a big box toy store. And if you take care to choose safe yarn, then this crochet teething necklace might be even safer than those teething rings.
For more information on this crochet necklace, visit Caracol.
A crochet necklace made of a layer of white lacing on top of a layer of red lacing
Layered Scallops

This dainty necklace is made from several layers of crocheted lace. It’s a very simple necklace, but it gives an elegant appearance because of its lacy, scalloped edges. You can embed beads or other charms into the top or bottom layer, or both, or simply leave them as they are. This is another simple crochet project that beginners can try their hand at. This necklace is a great casual piece to wear on a daily basis if your outfit needs a pop.
For more information on this crochet necklace, visit Crochetology.
A necklace made of crocheted beads and a bow on the side

Large, crocheted beads are the centerpiece of his necklace project, alongside thin threads and a bow closure at the side of the neck. This necklace has layers to it and it would look great with a low-cut top that needs some kind of accent. You can use any colored thread you’d like, and you can customize your crocheted beads in any way. For this project you’ll need a few balls of yarn, a piece of velcro, invisible sewing thread, and some crochet hooks and needles.
For more information on this crochet necklace, visit Berroco.


A necklace made from several chains of crocheted thread, layered over each other
Chain Gang 

A cascade of chained yarn makes for a chunky statement piece in this crochet necklace project. This project is great for a beginner wanting to make something more impressive than a crochet dishcloth. The free pattern for this necklace comes straight from CraftFoxes member Jessie Rayot. All you’ll need for this project is a 4.5mm or 5.0mm crochet hook, a 10 mm crochet hook, Worsted Weight or DK yarn, and a metal yarn needle for weaving in ends.
For more information on this crochet necklace, visit this CraftFoxes post.
A necklace made of green and cream thread, crocheted to look like coral reef
Coral Reef

This crochet necklace, which seeks to imitate coral reef, is described as an intermediate crochet project. To make this necklace you’ll need to know a chain, single crochet, and reverse single crochet. The pattern here creates a 16-inch collar necklace, including a closure at the back. You can choose different complementary colors and make several different necklaces to match several different outfits. This is a very interesting look and would make a unique crocheted jewelry piece!
For more information on this crochet necklace, visit Ira Rott Designs.

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