6 Great DIY Pool Toys for Kids of all Ages

Posted by on Jun 13, 2017

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Homemade pool toys are a great way to craft with your kids in the summertime. You’ll be able to create a surprisingly professional-looking product, even as a beginner, and have fun doing it.

From beautiful yet practically indestructible pool lights to some ammo for making waves, your kids won’t be the only one appreciating these DIYs. Whether you’re making these for your children or your own personal enjoyment, get ready for creative ways you can convert dollar-store pool noodles, plastic bottles and more into timeless toys and games for the whole family.

For starters, your children can now have a pirate pool raft (pictured above) to go with their "Pirates of the Caribbean" obsession. Add to the fun and introduce them to pirate-related activities such as an underwater treasure hunt for gold coins scattered in the pool.

homemade toy boat for the pool
Have your little ones have requested their own sailboat? Show the kids how to make this quick and easy mini toy boat all by themselves. They'll love using their imagination (and a few things from your kitchen junk drawer) to build a seaworthy vessel to set sail in the bathtub or pool.

DIY foam tennis rackets
Sharon Pierce McCullough & Kristin Fitch
Rev up your children’s competitive spirit and get out all of their extra energy by building water-balloon tennis rackets. These foam tennis rackets are created by tautly pulled fruit and veggie bags over bent pool noodle segments. All you need now are some water balloons or a floatable ball. You'll get hours of fun with this pool toy that only takes minutes to make.

homemade foam bow and arrow
Sharon Pierce McCullough
Does your daughter get inspired by the bravery of Katniss from The Hunger Games? Has your boy read numerous tales about the deft archer Robin Hood? You can now satiate their hunger for hunting without any devastating consequences ... except for $2 worth of pool noodles you’ll cut apart to create this kid-friendly foam bow and arrow.

pool noodle Star wars light sabers
Apparently pool noodles have intergalactic powers. With some layers of glow-in-the-dark spray paint and clear coat/epoxy protection, you can make these waterproof pool noodle light sabers. Perfect for any Star Wars fan!

recycled plastic soda bottle turtle craft
Upcycle your empty plastic soda bottles into a family of floating turtles. These adorable creatures bobble on the water, adding a splash of whimsy to your pool. The turtle's craft foam body can be drawn and cut however your child would like, which makes this a perfect beginner craft project — plus it teaches your kids about recycling!

Let us know what kinds of creative twists you came up with while making these pool toys!

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