8 Kids Costume Ideas (for Themed Birthday Parties, Halloween and more)!

Posted by on Sep 19, 2016

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Dressing up in costume isn’t just for Halloween. Younger kids love to celebrate their birthday by dressing up as their favorite characters. Of course, children also love to do this when they go trick-or-treating. You can also plan a party with a theme based entirely on a character. Decor, costumes, snacks and the cake can all suit the birthday boy’s or girl’s special alternative ego for the day. In this article you’ll find several awesome, free or inexpensive, DIY or readymade costume ideas kids will love.

DIY children
Marshall from Paw Patrol
This is an extremely cute DIY costume by One Artsy Mama which she originally made for her seven-year old son. It’s a fun recreation of Marshall the dalmatian pup from “Paw Patrol.” To make it, you’ll need a plastic firefighter hat, adhesive white vinyl, white and black dotted felt, a white shirt and pants and just a couple other materials. The finished product is well worth the effort and will be a memorable birthday costume for your special little guy. This idea was created by Amy Latta and can be found on Favecrafts.com.
alice in wonderland DIY costume
Alice in Wonderland
There’s no better adventure for a birthday than the one Alice went on down the rabbit hole. Plenty of games are based on the film and this girl’s costume is just too sweet. The tulle-styled dress with satin straps and bow is accentuated with a pretty red felt heart that resembles the playing cards in the movie. The tulle gives the original blue cotton dress with white apron a party girl twist. This dress is ready-made and available at the Just a Little Sass Shop on Etsy.com.
my little pony costume
Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony 
Even those without children have probably heard of "My Little Pony" TV show. If you have a young lady fascinated by this kids cartoon (like I do) then this costume will do great! TheCostumeLand.com has the complete set available with tunic, tail, wings, leggings and the headband for a decent price. For girls with friends who want to join in on the dress-up fun for a birthday party or halloween outing there are other pony costumes ponies. The collection will create an unforgettable celebration!
finding dory DIY costume
Dory from ‘Finding Dory’
We’ve found Dory! The recent film was a hit for my girls and I’m sure it was for many other little ones out there, too! The costume dress is an adorable, long-tutu styled tulle and wool fashion with a felt Dory on the chest/stomach area. It’s handmade and available for sale on Etsy.com. A Dory themed b-day party offers tons of entertaining game ideas for kids; such as “Finding Dory” (a hide-and-seek game) or maybe “Just Keep Swimming” (a simple but fun sea creature race on the ground). I’m sure you get the idea! Loads of fun!
fabulous fairy costume
Fabulous Fairy Costume 
If you want to go simple, less commercial and more customizable you can try this (or any possible variation of this) lovely fairy costume. It’s sweet and easy to put together and will be a special project for your birthday girl. Favecrafts.com has the free instructions for it. Also, there’s a pattern for the wings and embellishment included in the supplies list. Be sure to enlarge the images to 141 percent before printing. You’ll need tulle, felt and more to make the costume. Visit FaveCrafts for the complete instructions).
Ash Ketchum homemade costume
Ash Ketchum
Pokemon is a hit right now and a favorite to most kids. An Ash Ketchum costume to go along with a Pokemon-themed birthday bash is bound to be a popular idea. It includes a DIY replica of Ash’s jacket, hat and a pokeball. The jacket is made with a white and collared boys dress shirt, a blue vest and some yellow felt for the pockets and rims. For the hat you can simply glue some white and black felt onto a red hat with a glue gun. Lastly for the ball just paint the pokeball design over a red ball. This DIY costume idea was originated by Kaysi from KeepingItSimpleCrafts.com.
diy superhero costumes
Superhero Costumes
It doesn’t have to be Halloween for your kid to be a superhero. Canadian crafter, Heather, onTwinDragonFlyDesigns.com has several great no-sew outfits. With just a few supplies, you can easily whip up a bunch of these for your kid’s party guests too. For each costume you’ll need half a yard of felt, sheets of craft felt, fabric paint or markers, four 12-inch pieces of ribbon and 14 inches of 1/4-inch elastic.
Steve from Minecraft DIY costumes
Steve from Minecraft
The very popular character Steve from Minecraft will excite many young folks. This is an easy DIY project that your big kid can even do himself/herself before the day of the party. You’ll need a foam board which you can get from just about any dollar store, a printable Steve mask, tape, a blue shirt and jeans. If you like you can include accessories like the pickax, sword, chest or torch. You can find the instructions for this costume on MorenasCorner.com.

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