8 Dramatic Wedding Colors

Posted by on Nov 06, 2012

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Wedding colors inspire the blooms, bridesmaids' dresses and table decor, and while this wedding tradition may seem stuck in a rotation of three or four cliche combinations, dramatic and unexpected colors are making a surprising revival. Think masculine combinations like gray and orange, or shades of traditional wedding colors like aqua and cherry.

When choosing your own nuptial hues, simply remember that wedding colors are just accents to your church and reception, so choose colors that compliment rather than compete with your space.

aqua and cherry wedding colors
Cherry and Aqua

Reminiscent of gingham tablecloths and swimming pools, these two make for truly summer-inspired wedding colors. Here, aqua serves as the frosting on the wedding cupcakes and cherry red the topper.
Learn more about using red and aqua as your wedding colors at On the Go Bride.
papaya and cobalt wedding colors
Papaya and Cobalt

Papaya, a slightly bolder shade of peach, makes for a unique wedding color when joined with bright cobalt. In this wedding stationery, the invitation is printed on wood veneer.
Hello Lucky shares more about these unique wedding colors. 
purple and teal wedding colors
Purple and Teal

Cool purples and teal provide a surprising but striking combination. From rock candy favors to bouquets, these colors create a mild ombre effect. To add warmth, choose large blooms, simple gowns and use crisp white as a backdrop.
Learn more about these unique wedding colors from On The Go Bride.
brown and ivory wedding colors
Brown and Ivory

Looking for something a little more sophisticated for your wedding colors? Brown and ivory create a sepia-toned palette. Think leather-embossed stationery, cream-colored cloches and even lace gloves holding coffee-kissed blooms.
The Perfect Palette
shares more on decorating with brown and ivory as your wedding colors.
orange and gray wedding colors
Gray and Orange

Gray has become a surprising wedding color this season, particularly when teamed with peppy colors like orange, yellow or even neon. Does one color represent the bride and the other the groom? If these colors remind you of your own story, customize them by choosing a matte but not dull gray.
Ryan and Denise Photography offer more images of how one bride incorporated gray and orange into her wedding.
chalk and berry wedding colors
Chalk and Berry

Chalk — a white with a pale blue undertone — and raspberry or blackberry hues are an unusual but summery combination that can be used from the stationery to the desserts. Think Americana rather than the classroom. 
Burnett Boards shares more pictures of these unique wedding colors.
cranberry and wheat wedding colors
Cranberry and Gold

This combination, celebrating the harvest and all things autumnal, would be perfect for a fall wedding. For a more understated gold, consider using a wheat sheaf in lieu of flowers as a bouquet. 
Head to On The Go Bride for how one bride used cranberry and gold for her wedding colors.
glitter wedding color

So, our last wedding color isn’t actually a color but a texture. The silver sparkle is matched with gray (yet again!) and white for a 1920s affair. Be careful not to go crazy with the glitter, which can overwhelm, but instead, use the sparkle as an accent or pair it with simple silhouettes.
Learn more about using glitter as your wedding color via The Perfect Palette.

Image credits (from top): Ryan and Denise Photography, Love from the Oven, Jesse Leake Photography, Jennifer S Rau Photography, The Perfect Palette, Ryan and Denise Photography, Green Wedding Shoes, Half Orange Photography and Victoria Mary Vintage,

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