Colorful and Caliente! Cinco de Mayo Party Ideas

Posted by on May 03, 2019

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With cacti party favors, a cocktail umbrella wreath, and even a vegan taco recipe, we've gathered the best Cinco de Mayo–themed projects to help you ring in the 5th of May with bold style.

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Papel picado are the Mexican paper cuttings often seen in bright colors and hung about as garlands — a great craft for your party. Choose Maker Mama's easy and reusable version, which uses fabric instead of paper, or try out another intricate Cinco de Mayo design, which relies heavily on an X-Acto knife and lots of patient slicing.

Cinco de Mayo mini pinata
Put a Pinata in It 

Raid your water coolor for these mini Cinco de Mayo pinatas, made from two paper cones and hot glue. This craft for kids can also serve as a fun party activity, particularly if accompanied by a Wonkian collection of candy and sweets. Head to One Charming Party for the free Cinco de Mayo mini pinata tutorial. 
Cinco de Mayo Cacti Party
Julie Vendenoever
Needle We Say More? 

For a unique gift, send your guests home with this prickly party favor. The cacti can even be set up in a cheap margarita glass. Consider adding after-care instructions, perhaps printed onto a tiny paper crafts sombrero. 
Julie Vendenoever Photography has more clever Cinco de Mayo crafts to inspire your party.
Cinco de Mayo photo booth printables
Chela Williams
One Picture Is Worth a Thousand Jokes 

With the margaritas flowing, how can you not set up a Cinco de Mayo photo booth? Pancho mustaches, paper sombreros and even a luche libre wrestling mask are just a few of the Mexican merriment printables you might consider offering to your guests. To buy these Cinco de Mayo photo booth printables, check out Thinking of You Designs.
vegan Cinco de Mayo taco
Melisser Elliot
No Meat and All Veg 

Jackfruit, a starchy banana-like edible, offers a vegan alternative to that common Cinco de Mayo recipe, carne asada tacos. The produce is most commonly found canned at Asian food markets, but lucky Southerners may find the round orbs at more exotic outdoor markets. Get the free vegan Cinco de Mayo taco recipe from this CraftFoxes post. 
Cinco de Mayo ruffled streamer
Brie Dyas
Ruff Love 

Add a quick ruffle to streamers by sewing boldly-colored paper together, and then run the party decor along a table top, wreath or doorway. Grab the easy Cinco de Mayo ruffled streamer tutorial right here on CraftFoxes
Umbrella wreath
Drink It All In 

No judgment if you've collected a bevy of bevie umbrellas, especially since your massive accumulation has just come in handy for this festive Cinco de Mayo wreath, great for a temporary placement on a front door or, in a downsized version, along a buffet table. Click here to check out Camilla Fabbri's drinks umbrella wreath and more frugal crafts.
Cinco de Mayo margarita cookie
One Tough Cookie 

Transform sugar cookies into teetotaler margaritas via lime-flavored royal icing. New to cookie decorating? This Cinco de Mayo recipe is one of the easier-to-follow tutorials out there. Head to Glorious Treats to get the free Cinco de Mayo margarita cookie decorating how-to. 
Cinco de Mayo tissue paper flowers
April Showers Bring May Paper Flowers 

Use tissue paper to create inexpensive Mexican flowers, great strung on a garland over the food table or hanging from the ceiling as an elevated centerpiece. The bigger the tissue paper, the more festive your flower. 
Head to Sew Sweet Stitches to get the free Cinco de Mayo tissue paper flower tutorial. 

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