9 App-etizing, Video Game-Inspired Bento Boxes

Posted by on Jan 15, 2015

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Moms and geeks (and geeky moms) have truly elevated the Japanese bento box into an art form. Just imagine opening up your lunchbox to one of these app-inspired bento boxes! Now our only question is, do you play with it or eat it?

Angry Birds Bento Box

Is your child obsessed with catapulting things a la "Angry Birds"? Give them something else to do with their hands with these rice-ball angry birds.

minecraft bento box
Minecraft Bento Box

Building a Minecraft bento box is easy — just separate out the building blocks in the compartments.
bad piggies bento box
Bad Piggies Bento Box

This "Angry Birds" spinoff gets its own treatment with rice and crushed green peas. Put these bad piggies in a box!
plants vs. zombies bento box
Plants vs. Zombies Bento Box

Mini corn cobs vs. bread, cherries vs. carrot bits . . . In this game of "Plants vs. Zombies," the winner is you, the eater.
candy crush bento box
Cafe WeeHouse
Candy Crush Bento Box

If you can't put down "Candy Crush" for just one second, then this bento box is probably for you. However, you'll have to go to Malaysia to get it.
farmville bento box
FarmVille Bento Box

Remember how you used to get Facebook status updates all the time from friends who bought something on FarmVille? Buy some eggs, frankfurters and rice and you've got yourself the FarmVille bento box.
rayman raving rabbid bento box
Rayman Raving Rabbids Bento Box

This Raving Rabbid is actually waving around a toilet plunger made out of a meatball! See what else went into the making of this wacky bento box character.
triple town bento box
Triple Town Bento Box

In "Triple Town," bears try to stop you from building things. All you have to do is eat this cute bear and problem solved.
cut the rope bento box
Cut the Rope Bento Box

This bento box features Om Nom, made out of cheese and food coloring. In the game you're supposed to feed Om Nom candy, but in this bento box let him feed you!

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