Amazing Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes with Surprise Ingredients

Posted by on May 20, 2015

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Baking with surprise ingredients is an easy way to impress everyone in your family, neighborhood or office. Plus it's so fun to keep creative in the kitchen by creating that close-your-eyes-and-go-mmm kind of goodness. You'll love trying these amazing chocolate chip cookie recipes!

4 ingredient raw cookies
4-Ingredient Raw Cookies

No recipe listed here has fewer (or quite possibly more wholesome) ingredients than this one from Amanda over at Butter With a Side of Bread. Let vegans rejoice: it's critter-friendly and a cinch to make with this super simple recipe.

Want more vegan baking? Read our interview with vegan chef and Post Punk Kitchen blogger, Isa Chandra Moskowitz.

bacon chocolate chip cookie recipe
You Had Me at Bacon Cookies

Yep. Bacon. We probably don't need to say more, but Gina Matsoukas swears that her basic paleo chocolate chip cookie recipe is Running to the Kitchen's most viral, so add bacon and, well, you've won over almost everybody. Confuse your housemates by baking cookies with bacon on the counter and this handy recipe.

Want more bacon? Of course you do. Here's a banana bacon cookie recipe from CraftFoxes.

mint chocolate chip cookies
Minty Surprise Cookies

Most mint chocolate chip cookies come with green food coloring, so there's really no surprise. These cookies have a mouthwatering chocolatey appearance, but one bite brings on a pleasant and rejuvenating peppermint flavor. Head over to Virginia is for Hunter Gatherers for this mint chocolate chip cookie recipe

Feeling sluggish? Get refreshed this summer with these other peppermint recipes.

secret ingredient chocolate chip cookies
Softest-Ever Cookies

Lots of ingredients are subbed for others in baking: applesauce for butter, evaporated milk for cream, vinegar and baking powder for eggs, and so on. But you'd be guessing the secret ingredient for these cookies — the softest you'll ever try — for a while. Hint: that whole healthy treat thing doesn't apply here. These cookies are decadent and so worth it. Head over to Just a Taste for these decadent secret ingredient chocolate chip cookies.

sweet potato chocolate chip cookies
Sweet Potato Cookies

Pure Fresh Daily offers a chocolate chip cookie recipe that uses sweet potatoes, which add moisture and a ton of vitamins like B6, C and D, and other healthy stuff. Satisfy your doctor and your sweet tooth with Pure Fresh Daily's cookie recipe.


amaretto liqueur chocolate chip cookies
Strazzate Cookies

Grab a bottle of amaretto liqueur from the store and brew some coffee for these boozy chocolate chip cookies from Eats Well With Others. Have a recent college graduate on your hands? Celebrate their achievement with a “smart cookie” party and feature these cookies for a mature crowd.

See other crafty graduation party ideas on CraftFoxes. 

Rice Krispies chocolate chip cookies
“Krispie” Chocolate Chip Cookies

Soft and crunchy, these chocolate chip cookies call for Kellogg’s Rice Krispies. Pretty yum! Head over to Simply Being Mommy for these surprise ingredient cookies.

orange and rosemary chocolate chip cookies
Orange You a Sweetheart Cookies

These chocolate chip cookies come with two surprise ingredients: zesty orange and a sprig of rosemary. Citrus refreshes in the summer but rosemary gets a lot of use in holiday dishes, so this recipe is bound for year-long lovin'. Get the surprise ingredient cookie recipe from Spaceships and Laser Beams.

chocolate chip cookie cups with beet cream
Hard to Beet Cookies

Adding finely grated beets can turn ordinary cupcakes into red velvet cupcakes. Adding beets to cookies makes them, well, delicious. Valentina over at Momtastic made dark velvet beet cookies while Telma from At the Fire Hydrant made a yummy beet cream to fill chocolate chip cookie cups. Take your pick and say mmm.


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