String Art Patterns That Will Blow Your Mind

Posted by on Jul 22, 2015

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Can you create art from simple things such as string and nails? Yes, you can! String and nails alone can turn a boring wood plaque into a fun and easy project and a gorgeous artwork. By hammering the nails into the shape of your choice and wrapping the string to create a cool pattern or image, you can DIY a crafty something out of essentially nothing. With very little time or expense, these string art crafts thoroughly engage your creative mind and patient hands.

Elephant String Art

Wise and stately, elephants are symbols for piece and knowledge. DIY elephant string art is the perfect addition to any room, including a child's room or nursery. Inspire your children to create with art that centers on this beautiful gentle giant. This particular project features simply divine brass pins and walnut stain, but feel free to change these details to your child's or your liking.

Air-Plant String Art Examples
Brit + Co

For a truly unique take on string art, try this DIY art plant and string art combination. Small succulents take center stage in these freeform string pieces. Get even more creative by varying the colors of string and the string-wrapped patterns. Even add more than one plant into each design with areas that are small enough to hold these cute little air plants in place.

State String Art

Show your favorite state or home state a little love with DIY state string art. Using the template of the state and drawing a heart in your place of choice, you can transform a piece of wood into a hometown homage. Placing the nails around the state's and heart's outlines and then wrapping each nail from the heart's shape to the state's border creates a wonderful piece of state art, or state of the (he)art art.

love string art

For fun wordplay, string away at this DIY love-heart string art. This heart work of art is simple with its black-and-white-color contrast but interesting with its random line work. From the word's placement to the string design, this is a project that you can easily adjust to make your heart go pitter-patter. There is nothing plain or boring about this crafty take on a classic symbol.

Deer Cameo String Art

For a vintage and quirky chic take on string art, try this DIY deer string art project. This project features a cool horizontal fill for the reindeer pattern and a nontraditional, cameo-like background. Using the background and shape of your choice, string deer head–shaped art together. Contrast the background's color with the strings for a daring but dashing piece of wall art.

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