Gift-Wrapping Techniques That Wow!

Posted by on Mar 23, 2015

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While it's true we'd never turn down a present (no matter how haphazard its packaging), can you blame us when our eyes dart to the gift that's wrapped the prettiest? You know — the colorful one with loving, homemade details, the one with hand-stamped polka dots and baker's twine, or the one you debate leaving unopened just to save its careful presentation.

Make an extra special impression with your next gift by using one of these inventive ways to wrap gifts, all of which show that it's not just what's inside that counts.

DIY pleated wrapping paper, DIY gift wrap, pleating gift wrapping
Even without extra craft materials, there's always room to be creative when wrapping a gift. Pleated wrapping paper will add a sophisticated touch to gifts without costing a dime.

yarn wrapped present, yarn ball gift wrapping, DIY gift wrap
Perfect for the knitters and crocheters with spare bits of yarn, this yarn ball gift wrap looks even cuter with the addition of an illustrated kitten's paw.

animal gift wrap, DIY gift wrap, gift wrapping
The best ideas are often the simplest, and this hand-drawn animal gift wrap is no exception.

Furoshiki gift wrap, cloth gift wrapping, DIY gift wrap
Furoshiki, featured in this beautifully-wrapped gift, refers to the large wrapping cloth used in Japanese culture to carry personal effects without creating waste. Wrap with caution, however; this eco-friendly gift wrapping might just outshine the very gift it carries!

DIY gift wrap, giant bow gift wrapping
Who says small gifts have to fit in small boxes? Choose playful over practical with this giant bow gift wrapping.

scrap fabric gift wrap, DIY gift wrapping, scrap fabric crafts
Ignoring the out-of-season message, this layered gift tag made of scrap fabric is a unique way to adorn a simply-wrapped gift.
chick gift wrapping, DIY gift wrap, animal gift wrap
If you'll be giving out Easter gifts this Spring, try using some whimsical chick gift wrapping; all you'll need is some yellow and black paper.

DIY gift topper, ruffled gift topper, t-shirt crafts
With just a bit of elastic or a spare hair tie, you can put those old T-shirts and tank tops to good use by repurposing their collars into DIY ruffled gift toppers.

DIY ribbon bow, DIY gift wrap, DIY bow
In place of a standard bow, savvy crafters can snazz up a wrapped gift by adorning it with a DIY ruffled ribbon flower.

DIY printed gift wrap, DIY gift wrapping, chevron print wrapping paper
When your store's wrapping paper options feel stale, consider printing your own! Stamp your own image on kraft paper — like this chevron printed wrapped paper — using a DIY rubber stamp, which can be fashioned out of several household items: a wine corkrubber pencil eraser, or even a potato.

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