Go Green with Upcycled Gift Wrap Ideas

Posted by on Dec 21, 2013

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As the holiday season draws nearer, I’m sure we’re all busy boxing and wrapping up gifts for friends and family. To present these presents, you could simply buy some wrapping paper from a craft store. But there are some more interesting, creative and even eco-friendly ways to package your presents. Even when it’s not the holiday season, these creative wrapping solutions would come in handy. Whether it’s for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings or just about anything else, these upcycled gift wrap ideas are sure to come in handy. Here are 6 creative ideas for making upcycled gift wrap.

Gifts wrapped up in decorative scarves
Scarf Wrapping

Here’s something you might not have thought of before — wrapping your gifts with decorative scarves! Furoshiki, the Japanese art of wrapping with scarves, is a neat and creative way to wrap up gifts. All you’ll need are some vintage or decoratively patterned scarves from your local thrift shop. There are specific techniques for wrapping small items, larger items and even bottles. Aside from the pattern on the scarves, the wrapping techniques will make a very attractive package. 
For more information on this upcycled gift wrap idea, visit Irene Loves Crafts.
A gift box wrapped in a magazine page
Magazine Wrapping

One of the best ways to create upcycled gift wrap is to repurpose materials that you already have lying around. If you have heaps of magazines that you’re not sure what to do with, you might want to dig them out for gift wrapping! Magazines have tons of photos and ads that would look interesting on the outside of a gift box, and you can tailor the images to suit whomever you're giving the gift to. This method is especially helpful if you’ve run out of time and don’t have any gift wrap in the house.
For more information on this upcycled gift wrap idea, visit The Surprise-aholic.
Gift boxes made from cereal boxes
Cracker Gift Box

This gift wrap idea is especially creative and it uses something we all have lying around the house — empty food boxes. The boxes need to be clean, obviously, but that means you can use cereal boxes, cracker boxes and even cake mix boxes. You could keep the boxes plain and choose one that used to contain the gift receiver’s favorite snack. Or you could cover the box in fabric or decorative scrapbooking paper. Leave the bottom of the box sealed and keep the top open, with tape if necessary. Crease the sides of the box inward, as you might see on a gift bag. Punch holes at the top of the box and run string through the holes to create handles. And then you’ve got some handy and easily made gift boxes! 
For more information on this upcycled gift wrap idea, visit Snap Guide.
A gift wrapped in painted newspaper
Painted Newspaper

We all know that newspaper is the most commonly upcycled gift wrap idea, but this technique will make any newspaper you have into something quite lovely on its own. To make this awesome, upcycled newspaper wrapping, you’ll need newspaper, paint brushes, craft paint and a hair dryer. Once you’ve put your newspaper on a work surface, begin dripping your paint onto the newspaper. Choose colors that will go together and blend well for an interesting, almost tie-dye effect. Let the paint dry (you can speed this up with a hair dryer), repeat the process and then let it dry again. 
For more information on this upcycled gift wrap idea, visit Liz Oshiek Designs.
A gift wrapped in sheet music
Musical Wrapping

Sheet music is another great upcycling gift wrap technique. This would especially be suitable if you have a music lover amongst your friends and family. Perhaps you have some sheet music lying around that you haven’t used. Or, even simpler, you can find some printable sheet music online to use, which will cost you nothing! You could even choose holiday music to add a special something to your gift.
For more information on this upcycled gift wrap idea, visit Wandering Mist.
A gift wrapped up in newspaper
Eco Wrapping

All of these upcycled gift wrap ideas have something in common: they’re eco-friendly! Whether you're using scarves, magazines, newspapers, old food boxes, or sheet music, you're giving new life to something that might have been thrown out. Keep these materials and others on hand, and you'll never have to buy wrapping paper again.
For more ideas for eco-friendly, upcycled gift wrap, visit The Art of Simple.
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Credits: Irene Loves Crafts, The Surprise-aholic, Snap Guide, Liz Oshiek Designs, Wandering Mist, and The Art of Simple.

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