Cereal Box Crafts for Kids

Posted by on May 13, 2014

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Kids love cereal ... and so does everyone else! In fact, the average American eats about 160 bowls of cereal per year. Multiply that by a family of four and you are likely tossing out quite a few empty cereal boxes. Instead of throwing them in the recycling bin, upcycle them into fun games, toys and decorations for kids!

Our friends at Nick Jr., as well as a couple of our own CraftFoxes, have lots of great ideas that your family will love.

dora explorer clock cereal box craft

Dora in Wonderland Clock

Teach kids how to tell time with this aDORAable cardboard cuckoo clock craft project.

Click here for instructions and free downloadable templates.

dora explorer cereal box craft

Dora's Cereal Box Maze

Move the marble from Boots' house to Dora's house and back again.

Click here for instructions and a free downloadable template.

nick jr recycled cereal box craft

Peppa Pig's Puppet Playhouse

Create your own paper puppet show with four recycled cereal boxes and your imagination.

Click here for instructions and free downloadable templates.

cereal box pinata craft
Kathreen Ricketson

Cereal Box Pinata

In Kid's Crafternoon — Papercraft, you'll learn how to make 25 fun craft projects using paper, cardboard and upcycled cereal boxes, too!

Click here for a free project excerpted from this book.

DJ spin table cereal box craft

Twist DJ Turntables

Turn an empty cereal box into a "Fresh Beat" DJ turntable, ready for your kid to play that funky music ... or at least pretend to.

Click here for instructions and free downloadable templates.
recycled cereal box number party decoration

Birthday Party Decoration

For your next kid's birthday party, cut out numbers from cereal boxes for their age, cover with paper and decorate with crayons or markers for a cute decoration. These numbers would be great for party guests to sign, too.

Click here for details.

dora cereal box backpack craft

Dora's Backpack Keepsake Box

Kids can store their drawings, crayons and small toys in this recycled cereal box fashioned to look like Dora's trusty backpack.

Click here for instructions and free downloadable templates.


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