Best Bargain Crochet Hooks

Posted by on Feb 08, 2012

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Bargain crochet hooks often feature comfort, speed or durability. For the beginner crocheter, knowing which one to choose can be a frustrating process. Avoid the hassle (and expense) of testing and messing with all the known crochet brands, and let us do the work for you instead! 

ergo crochet hook
The Best Ergonomic Bargain Crochet Hook

Addi's Swing Ergonomic Crochet Hook — This new design from Addi really impresses with its soft feel and smooth curves. You will be banging out crocheted Christmas gifts left and right with this beauty. (Alpaca Direct, $13)
laurel hill wood crochet hook
Best Handmade Wood Bargain Crochet Hooks

Laurel Hill's Ebony Wood — Hand carved from sustainable materials. They have a specially designed thumb rest and will also make you feel good because they are environmentally responsible.  (Alpaca Direct, $8)
bargain crochet hook
Best Looking Bargain Crochet Hook 

Brittany's Birch Crochet Hook — The wood used for these crochet hooks comes from selectively cut forests, to better foster reforestation and healthy forest growth. The hand carved details make this hook seem like a luxury hook, but only you will know how much of a bargain it was! (Brittany, $7)
bargain crochet hooks
Best Complete-Set Bargain Crochet Hooks 

Boye's Crochet Hook Steel & Aluminum Hook Set — This master crochet set contains the majority of standard size crochet hooks, including steel hooks (sizes 00 to 14) and aluminum (sizes 3.25 mm to 6.5 mm). With the variety of sizes, crocheters won't need to worry about not having the right size hook. Beware, though, that the smaller hooks have been known to succumb to bending with long-term use. (Amazon, $25)
amigurumi crochet hook
Best Authentic Amigurumi Crochet hook

Clover's Soft Touch 
— Amigurumi is a Japanese Art, why not make your kawaii creations with a japanese hook! Claiming an ergonomic design as well as thumb cushion, this lightweight metal crochet hook is made in Japan and features in-line hooks. (Amazon, $32
bargain crochet hook
Best Pain-Free Bargain Crochet Hooks

Susan Bates' Bamboo — Unlike wood or metal, wood won't pull heat from the body. This half-bamboo, half-metal amalgamation offers a lower price alongside higher comfort. (Amazon, $8)

bargain crochet hook
Best Fine-Work Bargain Crochet Hooks 

Addi's Fine Crochet Hooks — A ridged handle prevents the need for a tight hand grip and each hook comes with a protective cap so that the delicate points won't break. (Addi, $6.50)

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    I love that this explains different hooks, great for new crocheters.