Best Quality Luxury Crochet Hooks

Posted by on Feb 02, 2012

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Jimbo's Front Porch


Luxury crochet hooks offer what the bargain brands can only dream of: baby-fine finishes for smooth glides and ergonomic designs, which promote pain-free crafting. To learn which quality crochet hook works best for you, read on.

wood crochet hooks
Apple Wood Crochet Hooks

This small-batch crochet hook crafter features hand-whittled pieces that often come from locally-found apple tree wood. Each piece is sold via internet auction on the website and comes with a rather whimsical origin story. (Jimbo's Front Porch, Auction-Style)
luxury crochet hook
The Hummingbird Hooks  

Winner of Crochet Liberation Front's 2011 Flamie Award for "Best Crochet Hooks by an Individual," these unique hooks are hand-crafted and boast supreme comfort, regardless of how you hold the hook. (DyakCraft, Prices Available Upon Request) 
luxury crochet hooks
Custom Crochet Hooks  

Husband-and-wife craft artisans Brian and Anne Bergmann hand-turn each crochet hook on a lathe and design these freehand. No stains or dyes are used, ideal for crocheters with sensitive skin or allergies; instead, the deep colors are a result of a detailed finishing process that involves intensive sanding, sealing, hand-polishing and buffing. (BrainsBarn, $75)
luxury crochet hook
Teardrop Crochet Hooks  

Each crochet hook from this individual wood artist has a comfort-first focus. Crocheters can choose between a variety of styles, from crochet hooks with designer grips to a teardrop grip. Sold in select specialty craft stores, this high-quality crochet hook is worth the effort to hunt it down. (G3 Studios, $70) 
luxury crochet hooks
Maple Crochet Hooks  

All hooks are made when ordered and are started from blocks of wood, not dowels, which prevents the wood hook from flexing. (Jenkins Woodworking, from $20)
luxury crochet hook
Ebony Crochet Hooks 

Considered one of the superior crochet hooks available, this ebony hardwood hook is hand-sanded to ensure a superior release and glide. (Lantern Moon, $18.90) 

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  • by pamela.spell
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    I knit and crochet. Metal hooks seemed to make my hand joints cold, plastic hooks always seemed to have a seam and never felt natural in my hand. Just not comfortable. I found some wood in the giant sizes but never anything like these. Each and every one of the hooks above are works of art. Masterpieces made by hand. Love, love, love. Just perfect.