Ingenious Camping Hacks Crafters Will Love

Posted by on Jun 19, 2018

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The summer months are a perfect time to whip out the family tent, gather 'round a roaring campfire, and enjoy the great outdoors ... when you pack accordingly, that is. Whether you're an experienced camper or just learning how to sleep on the ground, bringing along some of these clever DIY camping crafts will help you reach Bear Grylls outdoorsman status (but without the drinking your own urine part — that's for next week's post).

Clementine Lantern
Clementine Candle

LED flashlights lack the ambiance of a natural flame, yet lawn candles are easily extinguished with the slightest breeze. The solution? Make your campsite cozier with a DIY clementine lantern using just a bit of olive oil and a match.

Toilet Paper Roll Speaker
Toilet Paper Roll Speakers

How it was first discovered, I'm not sure; but this camping hack is seriously useful. Bringing an expensive and heavy iPod dock on a camping trip is asking for water damage, while there's not nearly as much to worry about with this disposable sound-amplifier. And it's battery life? Infinite.

Campfire Pizza Recipe
Campfire Pizza

Your campsite will be the envy of all others come mealtime when you make a homemade campfire pizza like this one. The best part? You can use a cooking grate and a metal camping plate if you don't have (or don't feel like packing) a Dutch oven.

Stuff Sack Pillow
DIY Stuff Sack Pillows

Not only do stuff sacks keep belongings separate and organized in your backpack, but they can also make comfy camping pillows! Use any fabric of your choice to sew together a homemade drawstring bag, then fill it with your extra clothes. This way, your extra layers are handy should you need to bundle up in the tent, and you don't pack anything extra. A project that merges utility, comfort and craftiness? I think I just caught myself drooling on my keyboard.

Cork Kindling
Wine Cork Kindling

Are you a whiz with a flint? Yeah, me neither. The last thing you want when camping is to have all the ingredients for a hot meal, only to lack the proper kindling to get a spark going. Soaking a handful of wine corks in rubbing alcohol and using them for kindling, as shown in this tutorialcan provide the jump-start your campfire needs to get crackling.

Wine Cork Keyring
DIY Wine Cork Floatation Device

Wine corks: the camping multi-tool — who knew? Attach one of these guys to your key ring and you won't have to worry about losing your car keys out on the lake.


If you're on the fence about going camping this summer, let me introduce you to the only reason you need: the S'MOreo. This wickedly delicious campsite concoction combines an Oreo cookie with a toasted marshmallow and a layer of Nutella. In other words, it's sure to satisfy even the most serious sweet tooth. 


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