Christmas Decorations — How to Make Your Own Paper Crafts

Posted by on Dec 04, 2010

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Choosing your own Christmas decorations is a privilege of being an adult around the holidays. Sure, mom let you decorate the Christmas tree when you were a kid, but you were still using her collectibles. This year pick your own chic collection of ornaments, garlands and wreaths that express your style without borrowing pennies from the present fund. Prefer a kitschy Christmas? Create a paper acorn garland that channels your inner squirrel. Want to impress your friends at yoga? Start a collection of upcycled Christmas ornaments. Whatever your decoration dreams, check out these DIY selections.

fortune cokie paper decoration
Alissa Eng
Fortune Cookie Decoration
Difficulty Level: Easy

Wish all your guests good fortune for the new year by creating your own felt or paper fortune cookie ornament. When choosing paper for this pattern, be sure to buy a small to medium-sized card stock. You want the paper to bend into fortune cookie-shaped goodness without being too heavy.
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lollipop pinwheel christmas decorations
Linda Gardner
Lollipop Pinwheel Christmas Decorations
Difficulty Level: Easy

For chic paper decorations, consider folding up your favorite paper to make beautiful pinwheel ornaments. Then use them to decorate a tree or even be the background for your tree topper. Using a hot glue gun will make this project easier.
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paper wreath christmas decoration
Paper Wreath Christmas Decoration
Difficulty Level: Easy

This paper wreath is a good ending for a bad novel — upcycle any unwanted book into a welcoming paper wreath. Just roll pages of an old book and glue them around a wreath for a puffy paper creation with shabby chic style. There are many benefits to using a paper wreath: It's reusable, doesn’t have to be watered and it won’t shed all over your front stoop. Before you cut up a book pay attention to the color of the paper. You can use a slightly aged book to give the wreath a more weathered, vintage look.
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modern paper christmas decoration
Modern Paper Christmas Decoration
Difficulty Level: Easy

There’s no reason handmade Christmas decorations can’t be as in vogue as your designer couch. Create these easy-to-make, dapper ornaments and hang them by the martini bar. Similar to making paper chains, staple paper strips into blooming lanterns to add a geometric pattern to your home. Choose colors such as red and gold for a mod Christmas. Vary size and length of paper strips to create dynamic ornaments that can be strung together or by themselves.
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acorn garland christmas decoration
Elsie Flannigan
Acorn Garland Christmas Decoration
Difficulty Level: Easy

Go ahead and eat the popcorn before it goes stale on your Christmas tree and opt for a garland that is as wintry as it is kitschy. This cartoon-like acorn garland is easy to make and fun for kids, just out the shapes and let them help string them. Use it for a kid’s holiday party at school, or to liven up the kitchen while baking holiday goodies. It even makes a good background for your nutcracker collection!
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delicate snowflakes christmas decoration
Tresa Edmunds
Delicate Snowflakes Christmas Decoration
Difficulty Level: Easy

Making paper snowflakes can be deceivingly easy, but before you get carried away with snipping up paper consider a new take on crafting snowflakes. Instead of cutting out flat, blocky snowflakes from one piece of paper, put together thin, rolled strips of paper for a dynamic snowflake. This paper snowflake pattern is crafty, delicate and brings out the inherent beauty of snowflakes.
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quick paper christmas decorations
Jeffery Rudell
Quick Paper Christmas Decorations
Difficulty Level: Easy

Whether you procrastinated on decorating or just like simple ornaments, these colorful paper ornaments are a cinch to make out of any paper and wire you might have around the house. Reminiscent of hot-air balloons, these holiday ornaments are whimsical and sure to brighten your holiday decor. Use them to recreate Santa’s workshop or as a hanging centerpiece for your holiday dinner. Don’t be afraid to attempt variations of this simple design. When picking paper colors use contrasting hues of the same color for striking and vibrant paper ornaments.
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