Christmas Ornaments — How to Make Your Own

Posted by on Dec 05, 2010

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There's nothing wrong with the traditional glass orb, pine cone and candy cane Christmas tree ornaments you grew up with, but why not make the holiday more post-holiday water-cooler-gossip-ready for your family and friends with an unforgettable tree that's just dripping with your personality and style? With one trip to the craft store for a few necessities, you can make an infinite supply of one-of-a-kind handmade Christmas ornaments to give as gifts or to keep for yourself. And there are enough varieties to suit anyone on your list: floral, recycled, sparkly and rustic.

christmas nosegay ornament
Christmas Bunches
Difficulty Level: Easy

These adorable Christmas ornaments are as easy as tying a flower to a twig. Literally. Once you gather some twigs from the store or your yard, use hot glue or floral wire to attach any color of fresh or artificial flower to match your home decor. Add berries, birds, glitter, beads, ribbon ... you could even incorporate small action figures for an unexpected accent to your holiday decorating. Then tie ribbon in a small loop on the end to hang on your tree. If you use artificial materials, these Christmas decorations will last for years. But they're also simple and affordable enough to make as an annual tradition.
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recycled cardboard tube Christmas ornament
Family Fun Magazine
Recycled Cardboard Tube Ornaments
Difficulty Level: Easy

Don't throw out those empty toilet paper and paper towel tubes! Simply paint the outside of the tubes and embellish them with a different color paint or glitter. For a large Christmas tree ornament, flatten the tubes, cut them into 10 uniformly-sized (about 3/4") rings, punch holes 3/4" from each folded end, and join the rings in a circle by threading pipe cleaners or craft wire through the holes. For a smaller, star-like homemade Christmas ornament use only five cardboard rings. This project is easy enough that children can do it, but the ornaments can also be suited for adults who appreciate upscaling.
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decoupage star Christmas ornament
Decorative Decoupage Christmas Ornament
Difficulty Level: Easy

When you become familiar with using a decoupage such as Mod Podge, almost any home decoration is possible. For the holidays, use the power of the Podge to add a personal touch to your Christmas tree decorations. Blank paper-based ornaments are found in a wide variety of shapes and sizes at a craft store, or you can use old glass or plastic ornaments that need makeovers. Apply decoupage to the entire ornament with an old paintbrush, cover the ornament in decorative paper or fabric, add another layer of decoupage and let dry. Now you have stylish holiday decorations that can be packed away and saved until next Christmas, or you might even want to keep them on display all year 'round.
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wine cork Christmas ornament
Wine Cork Christmas Ornaments
Difficulty Level: Easy

These DIY Christmas ornaments finally make good use of all those wine corks you've been saving, for some good reason. And they can team up with your random button collection. (You know the ones — the extra buttons that come with sweaters and pants but you just tuck them away never to be used. Yeah, those buttons.) Paint the cork or leave it natural. Thread a couple of buttons with a thin cord, ribbon or yarn from the bottom up and tie the ends to make a loop to hang your ornament from. Glue the buttons to the top of the cork. Then you can screw an eyehook into the bottom and hang beads or any little Christmas-y baubles you can think of.
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recycled cards christmas ornament
Recycled Card Christmas Ornaments
Difficulty Level: Easy

It's perhaps the most common dilemma in the history of modern humans: to keep all your Christmas cards or to throw them out? Well, the Craft Foxes have found the solution. Make Christmas ornaments out of your holiday cards! All it takes is a compass, pencil, scissors, craft glue or a stapler, and a stack of Christmas cards. Stapling the pieces is a little easier and quicker than gluing them, but using craft glue makes a more polished ornament. And once again — you're decorating and recycling. Merry Christmas to Mother Earth.
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beaded wire hangers for Christmas ornaments
Elegant Christmas Ornament Hangers
Difficulty Level: Easy

These easy hangers will add a luxurious finishing touch to your homemade Christmas ornaments. All you need is some craft wire, needle-nose pliers, a pencil, a highlighter  and some beads. Use clear or white beads for a sparkling snowy effect, or coordinate colors to match your ornaments. Make a small hook by bending the wire around a pencil, add your beads, wrap the wire around the highlighter to make a larger loop at the bottom, and form the rest of the bottom hook with your pliers. Done! Now just slide an ornament onto the middle of the bottom hook and hang on your tree (or mantle, or chandelier, or ceiling fan, or ... )
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